There appears to be a bug on my camera lens…

This shirt is making my skin crawl!

And somni soars back onto woot with something creepy, winged and pretty damn interesting to look at.

The bugs, in general, weird me out. But overall, nice call, Hotpants!



Nah, you’re just imagining things.
But speaking of bugs, my camera seems kind of… buggy.

I am a bit of a shutterbug myself… That could explain all the dead bees in my laundry basket.

Does this camera come with a flash?

Does the camera disassemble every time the flash goes off?

I couldn’t wear this, every time I’d look down I’d swat at my chest out of fright.

So if you were using this camera to get a close-up shot of another bug, would the bugs on the lens eat the subject of your photo?

I know a guy who would recoil in horror at the sight of all those BEEEE’S!!!

And here I thought I was original.

LOVE this design. …but WHY HEATHER GRAY?! I really wish Woot would print to order so we could choose our shirt colors.

You guys need to learn that to get a quality post, you just need to state the obvious. Works like a charm, obviously.

Your name is PNess… that’s at least 15 originality points right there. Fear not.

awesome…yet creepy

I like my camera like I like my coffee, covered in BEEEEES.

Very cool shirt!

At least three bees comments so far, but there’s only one bee on that camera that I see.

My dad is allergic to bees and it was his birthday this week. Maybe this would be a great gift to let him know that I still resent him from that last horrible, horrible fight we had. It’s really shocking that I didn’t turn out to be a scantily clad, loose woman.

so what model is this? Does it have any known problems or bugs?