I don’t want to see the paparazzo behind this camera.

Awesome work, Sonmi!

or, you could just use the word “obvious” repeatedly in your “obvious” statement about the “obvious”.


I counted at least 5 bees so BUZZ OFF!

This picture bugs me.

hah… clever.

No, just one bee. I see a hornet and a wasp too. But only one bee.

Which bug do you erm…squish to take a picture?

this shirt bugs me.
nice lines and you can tell it’s a camera from far away. lots of girls when they see it up close will go eeeeeewww. just saying.

I guess if you’re going to get technical, we’re both wrong. Hornets ARE wasps, and bees are different.

Learn about it here.

Nice piece, sonmi.

I don’t mean to be negative… but this is revolting.

Firefly flash would add some really unique lighting to night pictures.

I like this shirt, very cute. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll wait for the frog camera.

We are still talking about the design, right?

Nice work, Sonmi.

I like the idea, but it troubles me that I would shudder involuntarily anytime I looked closely at the shirt.

awww…I was gonna say that. Guess I was 1 hour too late :expressionless:

Does this come with a can of Off?

Creepy… >_<

I agree. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates the sight of cameras.

As a shutterbug, it’s tempting, but I’m afraid that the people I’ll encounter may be too stupid to get the reference.