Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors Gel Pens

Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors Gel Pens

I got an email notification that these Shuttle Gel pens were on sale at 11:23 am and they were sold out on Woot by 11:30 am. What the heck??? That doesn’t seem right. I’ve been looking for them to go on sale for a long time and finally. Then they are sold out so quickly within 7 minutes. Very disappointed.

It was an appsclusive from yesterday. I think you missed it by much more than 7 minutes.

Thank you for this information. I received a email this morning at 11:23 am notifying me of this sale. Wish they’d have let me know yesterday. Oh well. Maybe next time.

If you have the app and have notifications on it will let you know.

These are not all they are drawn up to be.
Received them and they looked great.
Then we noticed how differently they were filled.
Some had just a little bit others completely filled.
1 had blown up in process.
Shortly after starting to use them we are now up to 7 that do not work.
Tapping them on a notebook every 3 seconds brings them back for a second try then they just die.
Your not missing much. Almost a waste of time.
Hopeful its just a defective batch we got.

I’m very sorry you got dud pens. Make sure you reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I agree that these are very inferior pens. Some are barely filled and many stop writing for no apparent reason. Some will come back to life, but you never know. I thought I was out of luck and chalked it up to a bad purchase from trying to get a good deal.