Shuttle XPC 12GB DDR3, 2x1TB Desktop

Does this computer come already assembled with all parts, all parts but needs to be assembled or some additional parts are needed to make it work?

Complete and runs out of the box. Bring your own monitor.

Of those that ordered, did yours come with a Win7 registration PID

No, I did not get a windows 7 Product Key.

From the vendor:
Yes, please call our customer support team@1-855-489-0795 ext 224.
We will help customer to locate the sticker or we will send them one.

I called AST ( the originating vendor ) and they helped out immediately. I had checked the shipping box; shipping label, the top, sides, front and back of the computer for the W7 product key.

The Windows 7 product key was on the bottom of the computer. A bit of a pain since I had already set the computer up.

I have been trying to contact them all day and no answer, no return call either. the network adapter failed. I need to get this fixed… not very happy with AST right now

I’m sorry for the problem. Could you give them another try tomorrow. If you don’t have any luck, email our customer service with what you’ve tried. AST is the one that will have the info you need though.