Shuttle XPC 16GB DDR3, 2 x 2TB Desktops

I own a Shuttle PC. It came as a bare-bones. So I had to take it apart, stick and in a $60 SSD and one stick of memory and it’s been chugging along 24/7 – NO moving parts. Very cool. The build quality on Shuttle is amazingly good. Mine was nearly all metal, very little if any plastic. And I was very surprised that the CPU on on the $600 version of this PC, according to passmark, is amazingly high – over 50% higher than my Digital Storm i7-950K before OC. In fact, the i7-3770 CPU in this is 9348 compared to 9846 for the well-regarded i7–4770. I had no idea that any Intel chips with the number 3 in the descriptor were ever any good. This would be way overkill for a NAS machine. I would actually make a very good low end gaming machine. The only problem for NAS is that the hard drives are old. But apparently the warranty company, AST, is also the refurbishing company and they refurbish 10,000 PCs a month. They claim to know what they’re doing and scrupulously honor their warranties. In case you haven’t kept up to speed, Moore’s Law is dead. It will be 2 more years before CPUS in the $300-$350 range (the CPU retailed for $299) double the performance of the CPU. I am looking to build a PC right now, mine is 5 years old, so I have kind of done a lot of research on what’s out there in high-end CPUs. I would definitely call this mid-high when it was first sold in Q2 2012 and even when compared to today’s still well-regarded i7-4790. BTW, according to Intel it has Intel HD 4000 CPU graphics not 2000 as indicated in the description I think. In other words, not discrete graphics, but because the performance specifications of the HD 4000 vary depending on whether, for example, it is on an i7 and not on an i3 CPU, the graph expects will be at the highest end.

I put an SSD as the boot drive because the 2TB traditional disk is very loud!

Being that this is the eight time (give or take) these have been on sale here on Woot, has anyone been able to get the thing to go to sleep on its own?

I did the Win7 to Win10 upgrade and that went very smoothly. However…I can’t get this PC to go to sleep. I can manually make it go to sleep, but on its own, it stays awake.

This is going to be my MediaPC, so I’d like some sort of useful power management.

I think it came with McAfee “Antivirus” and I promptly got rid of it. I’d highly recommend also running the MCPR tool from McAfee to make sure your system is truly cleaned out of left over files and services.

KB Article:

Download the MCPR tool from: and save it to a folder on your computer.

Does this machine comes with two 8gb sticks or four 4gb sticks of ram?