Shuttle XPC 16GB DDR3, 2 x 2TB Desktops

I got the i-7 2600 model… fast!!! Maxed ram out!!! Adobe Acrobat pro X OCR’s a 350page pdf in under 30 seconds! Amazing for the dyslexic amongst us so we can have the pdf read out loud by the machine!!!ml Maxed the ram to 32gb… Awesomeness!

Runs DragonSpeak 15 professional like a Dream!!!

Warning: you really want to update the video drivers b/c intel 2000 is not natively supported by Win 10!! Hugely important if you want to run 2 monitors (I am running 2 40" 1080p hdtvs 1 in hdmi and 1 w dvi-vga adapter. Would NOT work as dual until the driver update! :slight_smile:

Nice computer. When you get it, open the care and check the cables. Mine and several others had them touching the CPU heat sink. Also the Windows OS disc is not included. Call the company Advanced Skyline and they sent me to an very iffy site (GITHUB) to down load it. COA is for “Windows 7 Home Prem for Refurb PCs”. I have not found it anywhere.