Shuttle XPC 16GB DDR3, 2TB SATA Desktop

Been out of the computer game for a while so this is probably a dumb question…

Does this thing have built in bluetooth? Would a wireless keyboard/mouse have to take up one of the usb ports with a dongle?

Sorry, no built-in BT. You will need a dongle.

Does this come with two 8gb ram sticks or four 4gb sticks?

Question - am I correct that you could add wireless to this computer two ways - either plugging a wireless receiver into a USB port, or putting a wireless card in the empty PCIx1 slot? Thanks for any opinions.

Full specs for this model are here.

I would expect all DIMM slots filled.

Wireless is via external/USB device, or add-in card.

Have not gotten one in a decade - but this form factor from Shuttle has been around for a long time - and I really liked mine (it was my main vid processing workhorse)

same question as above!

Does this come with two 8gb ram sticks or four 4gb sticks?

I really need to know before I place an order.
Thanks in advance.

four 4gb sticks would be such a waste, I wouldn’t buy it…

With refurbished items, we don’t have that information as it can vary from unit to unit.

The specs on this are very good. Could I add in an NVIDIA GeForce 980 Ti to this PC?

Edit: I guess I should ask if the motherboard supports PCI-E x16 3.0

Sorry, it’s v2

lol, not even close. You might be able to physically get the card to fit in, but the PSU is about half what you need it to be. Pics online look like a proprietary PSU too, though, SFX PSU’s top out at 450W, so it’s moot anyways.