Shuttle XPC 2GB DDR3, 160GB SATA Desktop

Quick Question… can anyone tell me the BIOS version for these Shuttles. They have 2 different versions and have separate support for CPUs.

Anyone know if these have a Serial Port header on the motherboard? Need a super-compact system like this to replace one that runs a CNC Plasma Cutter.

May have answered my own question. The link in the previous post shows that this should have an RS232 header onboard. Can anyone confirm?

Having an SH67H3, I know that the version 1 mobo only supports up to 16 gig. The version 2 mobo, besides being Ivy Bridge, also supports up to 32 gigs, which is what the specs say, so I’m going to assume it’s a v2…

And yep… there’s the RS232 header right next to the SATA ports.

Hi there. The vendor has checked a few of them and all were v2.

Thank you!

Do these have extra space for another HDD? If not, is the CD drive SATA as well (so I can just replace it with another HDD)

Derp… RTFM, noob.

It has two 3.5" bays, with one still available.

does anyone know the output on the 12v rail?

I am intrigued by this, but not sure if it helps me or not.

Currently I have an OLD desktop PC connected to my network that I leave iTunes running on (I call it my iTunes server). It does nothing other than connect to my external drive to feed content to my AppleTV. Can one of these replace both components as a stand alone HTPC? If so, how do I control it? I have all my gear in a separate room and controlled by way of RF/IR repeater.

Thanks in advance!