Shuttle XPC 2GB DDR3, 160GB SATA Desktop

Here’s the info on a previous Woot offering. I bought 2 and worked flawlessly!

Does anyone know if the PCIe slots are 3.0?

I’m thinking about buying an i5 version and throwing in a GTX 970 in there–would that work? I’m okay with having to replace the PSU (Actually, can you? A lot of prebuilt PCs have proprietary PSU/mobo/case combinations which makes it impossible to upgrade.). While I could use an upgrade (older i3 + GTX 750 Ti), I don’t absolutely need one, but considering I can find 970s for $250-300 nowadays, it’s tempting. The main issue here is upgradability/futureproofing (e.g., would I have to replace the motherboard for PCIe 3.0, can I replace the CPU down the line, etc.).

They are v2.0

Aww, that’s a shame. Maybe I’ll wait another year …