Shuttle XPC 2GB DDR3, 2 x 160GB Desktop

How would this be as a dedicated Plex server?

Anyone who own this refurb i3-2100 version know if the motherboard is v1 or v2?

Hit the Specs tab and it says it is BOM: 2.0.

BOM 1.0 was on the v1 boards so I’m pretty sure its a v2 board.

Woot or the seller needs to state clearly what it is. It should not take this much research to find out. It should’ve said “Supports Ivy Bridge”.

That BOM definition is not explicit, so I don’t know if mobo is truly 2.0, and woot/Shuttle can weasel out of it if we use that as reason for return.
Besides, the 160GB hard drive size is pretty ancient. I wonder if v2 boards were available then.

With refurbished items, the units can be mixed inventory. We won’t be able to give firm information on the one you will receive. I’m sorry.

I just received mine and it was v2 on the motherboard. The overall condition was not that great. Scratches and screws were missing. Example 3 thumb screws hold the case on the chassis and there was only 2 with this unit. Inside the wires were hanging on the cpu cooler (not good) . No driver CD and no cover plates if you take out the cd drive (I did get a keyboard and mouse though). Woot does not mess around when they say refurbished. Don’t hold your breath on getting something that looks new but With that being said Woot has been honest and asking an honest price. Hope this helps everyone.

Well, refurbished should mean operable and in one piece, but I’ve seen others say they were sure glad they didn’t turn it on (previous shuttle sales).

And, it should be v2 board with BOM 2.0 as listed in the specs. I done a lot of research on these before I bought one.

Others said they got a burner and some said bigger HDD’s, but I haven’t seen anyone say they’ve gotten a better CPU or more RAM.

Did yours have the listed components or were some upgraded? Oh, and, what is the RAM? 2x1GB or a single 2GB stick etc?

Mine will be here tomorrow and I’ll let everyone know what I get, parts wise, board, HDD’s, RAM, BOM etc.

I don’t feel Woot is being dishonest or they’d delete the posts about missing screws etc, but I think the “refurbisher” needs to hire people that know what refurbished means!

It basically means screws replaced and put back pretty much like new except for a scratch or scuff etc.

I even use a black Sharpie to cover scratches and it works great. I wouldn’t expect them to go that far but it should be screwed together and not be a rattle trap.

It says a one year warranty and I’d be interested to know how many returns they’re getting and if these are returns from previous sales.

I don’t mind having to fix one up but it should probably have more details about the exact condition it may come in or someone speak to the refurbisher about improving their refurbishing process.

I can see many people being extremely upset with one of these where I just consider it a bargain, but I have screws & tools and cables and stuff so that’s not a big of a deal for me.

People like me will still buy them but I would bet my last dollar comments from previous buyers are at the very least slowing sales or this would be sold out by now and it’s looking like they won’t unload’em all.

Yes, BOM v2 was only on V2 boards, almost certain of it. Also, I ask bswarm over on the i5 model that’s also listed as BOM 2.0 and here’s what he said.

bswarm: The 1st one I bought in December was definitely an SH67H3 with a V1 MB, It wasn’t listed with a BOM version like this one is.
Edit: The hard drive is really noisy on this 2nd one. Putting new ones in soon.

I’ll let you know tomorrow when mine gets here. If you get a board ver 1 you need to check the BOM version too.

Mine arrived yesterday and after I got it up to room temperature I started to take a good look at getting it up and running.

As some others have said - the wiring and SATA cables look like they were thrown in by a 5 year old and scrambled around for good measure. Quite a few were actually touching the heatsink (which is less of a problem on an i3 than an i5 but still…).

Build quality was pretty solid and the drives all screwed in nicely. There was a big delay on startup getting an image via HDMI so I brought a monitor into the living room and connected the dvi just in case - but when I came back the machine was running.

It has a 2Gb single stick in slot 2 - so if you want to upgrade you need to have matched pairs (look up the config online - each stick has to be in a matching slot with its counterpart) or throw an 8Gb stick in slot 2 to replace the 2Gb.

It came with windows 7 - but it was a fresh install, so time to lift the machine on its side and take a photo with my phone so I could actually see the OEM number to activate it.

I found this out because I had not activated and went straight to a windows 10 install - then had to back up a little…

A word of caution… this is an older board and processor and it suffers from Microsoft never sorting out the Sleep versus Screensaver issue - it appeared dead a few times when I left it to itself while doing the installs (putting the kids to bed, making sure the wife did not think I was sloping off while the chores needed finishing etc…). Each time I had to restart it via power cycle and that seemed a little random too - I guess you have to be patient with it until you get it the way you want it.

I will carry on with the Win10 setup this morning and report back if there are any problems.

A couple of scratches which were fixed with a sharpie (as mentioned above - an oldie but goody!!).

The weirdest thing was no rubber feet!! - the holes are there but nothing in place. I found that out with a nice screeching sound as it slid across the glass of my tv stand. Fixed with some small furniture felt pads from the cupboard.

Oh - and no wireless on the MB was a shock - just like the old days!!!

Pretty pleased with it so far - 150 bucks and 40 for 8Gb of RAM, this could prove to be a massive bargain… with a bit of work. It is also VERY quiet BTW… :slight_smile:

so did you get v1 or v2 mobo?

Has anybody found an after-market PSU that will work with these guys?

Yes, very important. I’m shocked by the people who do not know this. It’ll sweat like a soda can in the summer if you bring it in from the cold so let it warm up good or it could have moisture in it.

A fan will speed up evaporation if you’re in a hurry but you still need to let it reach a temperature past the dew point and make sure it’s dry.

Arrived while typing this!

Mine is gorgeous, like new with very minor scratches and I mean minor. The worst is on the right side, center down low in the middle of the vents. It looks like something pressed against it while being transported with several in a quarter sized spot.

The face is perfect but looks like it had a strip of tape on it, no residue but maybe a little discoloration (darker) that wipes off with your finger. It looks like condensation stuck there as a mater of fact.

Judging by the scratches inside the top cover it has not been removed umteen times, maybe a couple of times (it’s black inside too, the cover I mean).

The drive rack has one screw while the drives have two each, one front and one back on opposite sides. We used to do this a lot to our own computers if they were not going to be moved.

There are two thumb screws in the back, top one is missing but I think I have an exact matching spare.

It is a V2.0 motherboard and I can’t read (I see it though) the BOM label on the ports without removing the rear fan assembly.

The last part of the system ID may be the BOM version, mine is B2-00 (it is just listed in a new format I believe, dashes in a different spot).

It has a 2GB stick of Hynix 1066 DDR3 in it. Like others, the power supply cables are bunched up on the heatsink and I’ll have to find a way to tie them pulled away from it.

All in all this is a fantastic deal and I just checked, sold out. I was going to order another one for my wife even though she thinks she doesn’t need it. That’s exactly what she said about the last one and she’ll be upset she said no to it, I can guarantee you that!

They are on Ebay, look for SFF power supplies. I seen some 400 watt ones the other day but no 500’s.

Thank You! I was concerned that Shuttle may have done some proprietary pin-out or plug…

I don’t think they did. The guys over at Slick deals are talking about the ones they have and ones they just bought.

I’m super happy if it runs, still not hooked up but if it runs like it looks, I wish I’d have gotten one for the wife, just kicking myself.

You see, I have to work on her computer and with this I wouldn’t have to worry about replacing it for years for what she does. Maybe pop in more RAM now and an i5 later and she’d be set for a few more years.

She likes her stuff put back like it was so it’s more work than just a fresh install. I wouldn’t have to do all of that for a long long time if she had this. That’s the last time I listen to her about what she thinks she needs! :wink:

Oh, it passed the “cute test” and I think she’s sorry she said no.

Good luck guys! I’m digging for matching RAM now and opening that new 240GB SSD! Totally stoked!

I bought one for my daughter and was wishing I could have got one for myself as well. I hope mine is as nice as yours!

So did you get it yet? How’d it turn out? Mine is running like new and I just love it, much more than I thought I would.

Mine arrived DOA. Wouldn’t boot.