Shuttle XPC 4GB DDR3, 250GB Desktop

Windows 7,no wireless, no Bluetooth. Opinions?

I’m going to image the windows 7, upgrade to windows 10, image that. Remove Windows and replace with esxi for a nice home lab. These are perfect this purpose.

BTW i picked one of these up during black friday when the deal was about $100 cheaper.

I’ve been using Shuttle XPCs for over 12 years. They’re well built, easy to overclock while still running very cool. Never had one go bad. The only reason I buy more is to get faster systems to keep up with the times. In for one to replace my current SB61G2 dual core. Before that I had an SB51G single core.

Still no shipping notification after a week?

With the holidays/weekends it might be a little delayed.

It is possible that it’s been shipped and you haven’t received an email yet, too. Check in with CS, they can take a peek at your order/account details.

The shipping email finally showed up on Jan 1st, 8 days after I ordered it. The tracking number didn’t show any movement until Jan 5th with an expected delivery on Jan 11th. Really? That’s ridiculous!

I finally received it. Took it out of the box and noticed stuff rattling around inside. I took the cover off to inspect and found the hard drive only had 1 screw holding it in, and it wasn’t even tightened down. Same with the CD/DVD drive. Same with the drive carrier. The power wires were laying on top of the CPU sink. The SATA cables were about 3 feet long. Took it apart, replaced 7 missing screws, replaced the ridiculously long SATA cables with 6" ones, zip tied the power cables where they’re supposed to be. Spent about an hour fixing the mistakes with parts salvaged out of my old Shuttle PC. Not impressed with the rebuilders who did this. Anyone who bought one of these needs to take a look inside to make sure it isn’t going to fall apart and short out the motherboard.