Shuttle XPC 8GB DDR3, 2TB SATA Desktops

Does the Intel Core i7-2600 with 8gb of ram comes with one 8gb stick or two 4gb sticks?

I’ve seen spec from other shuttles and they all seem to have 1 8gb sticks, which makes sense when going up to 32gb…that’s 4 8gb sticks vs 8- 4gb sticks.
I didn’t see what kind of DDR ram is in this puppy. Is this DDR 3 1600,…1333.??!

It would be such a waste to toss out two 4gb sticks

I’ll post this on the other items page too I guess, but:
This one has a one generation newer i5 and ONE (1) 2TB drive and the other one has TWO (2) 1TB drives? Is this right?

On this one, they both have 2TB drives. Your choice is the processor.