Shuttle XPC 8GB DDR3, 2x500GB Desktop

FYI, i bought one of these during the last sale. Let me know if you have any specific questions I might be able to help with.

Here’s the forum for that past sale:

Hi, how’s the system running? Did you get warranty (like Squaretrade)?

Also, was the install disk for the OS provided? I am thinking about getting SSDs for it and don’t have any install CDs.


Bought one for Ma and Pa when the Shuttles were last here a couple months or so ago. It’s been running fine although I DID also order an SSD last week for it’s primary disk. No CDs with the system so I’ll do it in my cloning dock. If you don’t have the hardware for disk cloning, you might look into clonezilla for a software solution and just hide away the 500 GB disk in case you need to clone it again in the future.

I purchased one of these a few sales back and it’s been running great. The fan is a little noisy.

NOTE: Windows was supposed to be installed already but my install was hosed. I downloaded the free Windows 10 install disk and loaded a fresh install. No issues. Product key was available on the bottom of the case.

I purchased an SSD from amazon and installed that prior to loading Windows 10.

I also purchased the
C. Crane Versa USB WiFi Adapter 3 - High Power Long Range 802.11 B G N Wireless Network Adapter and it has been working great to provide network access since I do not have a hard point near the location of the PC.

I’d purchase another in a heart beat if I had a need.

NOTE: The PC I received included a keyboard and mouse, both of which were CHEAP junk. I replaced them with a decent wireless. I would have done this anyway, regardless of the quality of the items sent with the PC.

Thanks for the reply guys. In for one.

Not fast enough without SSD? Seems like, everyone is still upgrading to SSD.

If you haven’t enjoyed the significant performance improvement of a SSD you probably wouldn’t notice, but once you do it’ll be hard to go back to a HDD. I replaced the 7200 RPM HDD in my 7 year old lappy with a Samsung 840EVO awhile back and it now spends its time waiting on free CPU cycles rather than disk reads and writes. It really does make a huge difference.

Yep, SSD is the way to go for your OS drive…

The performance increase gained from an SSD cannot be ignored. The drives are MUCH more reliable than they were and the prices are reasonable.

These machines are powerful enough for most uses. There are obviously some situations where they will be lacking, gaming is an obvious niche.

So…anyone who ordered one of these last week get a shipping notification yet? Starting to get a little impatient here.

Ordered last week. Received today. “Refurbished” is generous, looks used. Case scratches “fixes by pros” with sharpies. Mars on plastic facia. Sticker residue on rear of frame. Rubber feet replaced, lots of old residue on bottom of frame.

Seems to be working, but the quality of the “Refurbishing” is lacking. This ain’t no refurbed iphone.

Mine showed up today with basically the same issues. A bonus was a CDR of music with “Merry XMas Devon!” written on it, loose and jammed inside the DVD drive. No way anyone checked that. However the important bits are fine and definitely worth what I paid.

Dave this is where you got the Win10 from?

Also, doing this eliminates the recovery drive right?

And will this memory do? As long as it is DDR3 right?

OK, so I just got mine yesterday in the mail 4-19-2016. It’s bigger than I expected but not clunky like the normal size towers. It’s really quiet and pretty fast considering the HD (Elephant in the Room) at 7200rpm. I’ll do what others have done and migrate to a SSD (128GB) drive in the next few weeks.

For some reason mine came with a bunch of Corel Word Perfect type products instead of Microsoft. No biggie just erased that outdated Software.

Its pretty fast loading my Adobe Creative cloud and that is what counts most.

what’s the proper memory for this thing?

I’m not sure I understand your question, so feel free to clarify and I’ll be happy to find more info for you.

Per the specs the memory is 8GB, and the device supports 32GB of memory with 4 memory slots.

Hope that helps!