Shuttle XPC Intel 8GB DDR3 500GB Desktop

Mine came with the wrong memory installed! It take several minutes to POST.
Also, it was missing screws inside.

I’m sorry. Did you contact Advanced Skyline or our customer service for assistance at the time?

Mine is still going strong and I make a fair amount of my living (non-band audio production/editing) with it.

Got my Shuttle a few days ago; unpacked it, seems to run fine. Felt something sticky along bottom edge of one side while unboxing, disappointed to find metal case has plastic sheet on outside rather than a baked-on paint coating; concerned plastic is more likely to attract dust. Following instructions for activating Windows 10 confusing at one point because of missing steps; got an error message, had to backtrack and puzzle my way through to complete the process.

I got mine a few days ago and really like it however I can’t activate Windows 10. The activation process responds by stating that my product key is invalid. I opened a support case with Woot. Hoping to hear back soon.

Hi there. If you contact Advanced Skyline, they can help get things going.