Shuttle XPC Intel 8GB DDR3 500GB Desktop

Anyone know the HDD speed? 5400RPM? 7200RPM?


I guess in North Korea these would be considered state of the art…

Refurbished by Who?? Shuttle??

… in 2006!

No. Per the warranty, Advanced Skyline Technologoes.

This a a pretty robust machine which I use for editing audio and general writing and web use.

There is no WiFi built in.

I did, however, get that Wooted HP desktop unit that looks like a fabric-covered vase with a speaker on the top and it has Wifi that is faster than the USB stick I put in the XTC.

Also, I have had a few mis-writes when burning an ISO image to the point where I plugged in an external DVD unit and that worked fine on the XTC.

But the XTC is my workhorse and unit I use when trying out software I want to try out and also stores a LOT of movies and audio.

I bought one of these (the i7 variant) back in 2014 when I needed a new Media Center PC. It still is going strong though I kicked the old HDD to the curb, increased the memory to the max, and have gone with a couple different sound cards that do DTS. The old HDD was really really loud.

They must have so many of these left over… I’m keeping an eye out when they might have newer variants of these types of machines because it’s a decent little box.

Call me when the i5 version reaches $150 because just about everything else inside that case is getting tossed anyway.

Bought two of the i5 variants in a previous sale (2016). One was missing internal screws and the other had someone’s “mix CD” rattling around in the DVD drive making it useless until I disassembled it and retrieved the special prize.

“Refurbishment” basically consists of going around the case with a black sharpie filling in the scratches, and the keyboard and mouse they send with it are junk.

However, once I got everything cleaned up they’ve both been running fine.

Grab i3 version. Spend $130 savings on i7-3770. Be only four generations behind.

Technologoes? Been a long day?

HA! Yes and it still ain’t over. :wah:

It looks like someone cut-pasted a picture of a DVD drive on there in MS paint.

I wholeheartedly agree. Bought an I7 here a couple years back, replaced the hard drive with an SSD and a hybrid drive, an it has been kicking butt ever since. In fact, I’m looking for another one to upgrade and give my sister but WOOT! has only had the I3s for quite some time now.

I bought one thinking the same thing…but the i3 has version 1.0 of the motherboard which doesn’t support that i7, you need version 2.0. Still a pretty good setup, I got an SSD for boot and then a 4tb HDD for storage. Grabbed an i7 2600 for the processor and now I have a pretty affordable plex-only server.

Just a heads up, these are all pre-haswell, so your choice is either Meltdown/spectre vulnerabilities, or “significant” (according to intel, no actual numbers on what significant means) performance slowdowns.

So what determines which affect you get or are you saying you get no vulnerability but a slow PC

The fix for spectre/meltdown makes pre-haswell CPUs see “significant” performance hits. I’ve heard %30+ but no hard data.