Shuttle XPC Intel Core i5 3.1GHz Desktop

Been wanting to get a dedicated PC to run a Plex server and missed out on this deal last time. Has anyone bought one of these and would you recommend them?

That is exactly what I was thinking of doing. My current Plex Media Server is 2.2 ghz with 4 GB of memory - thinking this should do a great job. I missed the model that is higher than this…

Wow, just got around to pulling mine out of the box… Pulled the cover to check out the innards…

Pros:[list][] A license for Windows 10 Pro.
] The CPU/PSU fans are clean.
[*] Mobo looks new/clean.

Cons (where to begin?):[list][] Screws missing.
] Case screws (coarse thread) used to hold optical drive (machine thread).
[] Optical drive an old Dell branded Lite-On DH-16A6S10C with something busted floating around inside, rust on the outside, fuzzballs inside the drawer, and what looks like sticky soda splatter in the drawer.
] External case/cover has been scratched/gouged up severely.
[] Case frame bent up in several places.
] HD scratched/banged up, torn label.
[*] Mis-matched RAM sticks (one Crucial CT51264BA1339, one Super Talent W1333UB4GH).

Don’t know what I was expecting, but this looks like it was used as a door stop and random parts thrown together to call it “refurbished”. Too picky? Perhaps, but I can’t say I’d recommend this in this shape.

I wanted to be sure to let peeps know that I raised my concerns with Woot CSR and they were kind enough to offer a partial credit (which I accepted). Thank you Woot for making it right! :smiley:

I also finally got around to taking a look.

  1. Just like my last try, these aren’t really “refurbished” they are banged up. Scratches on the case cover. Scratches on the case frame. Set your expectations on this.

  2. The chassis has a dent in it, right where one of the motherboard mounts sits. It’s putting stress on the actual Motherboard PCB. I’m probably going to have to take it completely apart and flatten that down.

  3. It’s a Win10 pro license with a decent core i5. I’m ok with it sofar.