Shuttle XPC Intel Core i7 500GB Desktop

CPU Benchmarks

Is it safe to assume this computer comes fully assembled?

It does come fully assembled, but it is an O L D…machine, and it will show it when ya get one !
Also, the front usb’s do not work despite a computer buddy and I trying everything we could think of to get them up and running !
Also, the computer is slowed down greatly by the HD…I replaced it with an SSD which improved the speed, but costs another $100 !

If I had it to do over again, I’d wait for the Mini Lenovo with the quad core, which also has WiFi…this Shuttle does not !
Newer design, much smaller footprint and better specs all round !
Plus, the upgrades you can do will make that Lenovo Fly with speed !!

I’ve got one of these equipped with a GTX 970 (you’ll want to upgrade the PSU). The CPU is solid and will work just fine. The CPU is also backed by a fancy cooler as well, and runs rather quietly as an HTPC (without a graphics card anyway).

Do not buy refurbished computers from Woot. They will not stand behind them and they come with free viruses and compromised software.

Same experience. I bought mine early last year, though mine had 16gb and 2x2tb drives. I replaced one of the drives with a pair of raided SSDs and use the rotational drive as a sort of download/media cache.

I also have the problem with the front usb not working. I never could figure out why (cable is connected). I feel like they are real usb ports, just placeholders.

I still use this as my linux desktop, but all my real work takes place on my beefier laptop. I use syncthing to synchronize my projects from laptop to desktop, and I more or less try to keep the desktop as a working “backup” of my laptop. At least once a month, I’ll open up a project on my desktop instead and do some work on it instead of the laptop, just to make sure it works. There might be some deficiencies at any given time, but it will be “close”.

I’m gonna disagree. Refurbished and Manufacturer reconditioned computers almost always come with a clean install of the OS.

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Update: The most recent computer I see that you purchased was in 2015. Is that the one you’re talking about?

I bought two of these last year and they’re fine for what they are, although mine had significantly better specs for RAM and HDD. My beef is the “refurbishment” mostly consists of covering case scratches with a Sharpie. The second unit had a CD loose in the drive and half of the screws were missing.

I am in need of another to use with BlueIris but since Woot! uses Amazon Logistics in my area now (which means I will never get the computer) I am done ordering from Woot! unless this changes.

Own a couple of these. 1 for Wife who uses for photoshopping and the like and my son who plays games regularly. Was able to add a nV 950 to the sons and an old AMD 4770 to my wifes and both handle things well.

I did swap in SSDs, but given how cheap they are these days, I didn’t see it as a major expense.

Basically if you have some parts sitting around you can get a very viable machine out of these. They can also work well for a media server as the 3770 is no slouch even today.

If this can fit your needs, it’s a solid machine.

I bought one of the 2nd Gen I5 Shuttles from woot a couple years ago. Mine looked brand new- there wasn’t even dust on the inside anywhere. Even if this one is used a bit, the I7-3770 may be a little old but that MF rocks the house with a passmark of 9312. And just FYI the cost of this processor alone on Amazon is about $320 (used $160-$240) and doesn’t even include a heatsink/fan, let alone the rest of the computer.Add an SSD and you’ll have a rockin’ workstation/media server/HTPC, even have the option for a videocard. These Shuttle systems are a great form factor. This is a fair price and a great processor.

Seems like it would be a good Plex server. Power consumption when idle thoughts?

My Shuttle, bought here, works great and the USB 3.0s on the front work fine. Probably not a gamer machine, but nice.

Pretty broad generality. I have at least four from Woot, all refurbs and they have been great.