Shuttle XPC Intel i3, 2 x 160GB Desktop

Do people think a machine like this could serve as a DIY OTA DVR?

We’ve cut the cable TV service and I’m looking for an inexpensive way to record over-the-air broadcasts.

Main question I guess is whether or not it could easily play back 1080p recordings to the TV. Secondary question would be how hard it would be to add a Windows Media remote control.


Can I fit a regular sized video card (AMD R9) in this case?

I don’t know, but I put this one in mine (purchased from Woot about a month ago)

and it fit, but barely. For the good of the order, and in case anyone else is interested, I also dropped 2 of these in, with little difficulty.


I was watching for more of these because I like mine so well I wanted to get one for the wife. I checked daily for a while and have been a little busy and i guess I missed out.

I got one in the last deal with n i3-2100 v2 board and love it. I put in 8GB G.Skill Ares RAM and an OCZ 240GB Vertex 460 (the original, not the 460A). I picked up 3 of them for $65 each.

I’m going to go see if Woot has a deal alert…I want another one.

Hello there.

Woot doesn’t have any way to alert of new deals, however, if you sign up for an account at WootStalker, you can register for alerts there. Just add a keyword to your Account Settings to check for, and the site will email you the minute a new deal gets added to a sale that contains your keyword.