Shuttle XPC Intel i5, 1TB SATA Desktops

In the description it says hard drive 1Tb x 2, combined total 2 TB. Could you clarify please?

The page states:

I’m in for one…

I wish they list how many sticks of ram are installed

With refurbished units, it can vary from unit to unit.

I know nothing about Shuttle. Can someone enlighten me to their product quality? Thank you.

Specs say an X16 slot is available. Anyone know what size video card can be added?

Product arrived with a single 1 TB hard drive installed. Spec on WOOT site indicates it should have 2 HD.

Upon powering on the system, windows installation error. Message states: “Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation.” There is no media included nor a product id. Customer service has been notified separately.

Some were wondering about how many sticks of ram were installed. My system has 4 slots with 2 filled with 4GB stick each for a total of 8GB.

I found the product key on the bottom of the case (I must be blind). I’m downloading the Windows 10 iso from MS and will burn an install DVD. Finger’s crossed.

when the PC arrived did it include a keyboard and mouse like it says in the description

Mine had both. However, it was missing the second hard drive. So there is only 1TB of space. Woot says they do not have anymore units with the 2 HDD. The unit is also very loud. I will be returning the computer.

I get mine today, did yours have a 7 disk?

No disk. 7 was already installed but when you first boot it up it will initiate set up.

Got mine today. As someone else mentioned, the windows product key in on bottom of case (i did not find it either). The computer has an unhealthy fan noise. Seems to lightly (and continuously) vibrate the entire case, almost like slightly out of balance fan. Does anyone else have this or have you opened it up and solved it?

Follow-up: solved my problem. Main fan was broken. Went to microcenter store and bought new 92mm fan for ~$8 and now it is perfect. If you have this problem - replace the fan, easy and now quiet

RAM - 1 4GB and 2 2GB. Sigh for not matching pairs. but runs well enough in bench tests. Also only 1 HDD as others have complained. Also, Fan is clunky as others have complained. Waiting on Woot to determine RMA or if i replace the fan myself.

Via I found links to create a Windows 10 DVD. Created disk and installed Windows 10 on this system. Clean install. I also found an SSD on sale on Amazon and installed that. System is purring like a champ.

I also bought the wife a new wireless keyboard and mouse so she can cut back on the clutter.

WOOT offered to RMA the system since it only matched part of the description. I decided to hang on to it. :wink:

I suggest replacing fan. Take old one out and inspect for proper connector so you know you are getting the correct replacement. It is a 92MM fan (the one in back of case). The stock one with PC is horrible. I spent ~$8 and has been in operation smoothly.

This PC is working flawlessly. Great purchase.