Shuttle XPC Intel i5, 2 x 320GB Desktop

CPU Benchmarks

Any idea how this would be for gaming?

There is no mention of a dedicated graphics card and it has minimal RAM. This is not a gaming machine.

I will disagree with the post above. It has a 16x PCI-E slot. You could add a video card and more ram to make it a gaming system.

It just isn’t a gaming machine off the shelf. The CPU should be more than adequate.

The big catch is the power supply, which at 300 watts will limit your options on video cards.

No port for legacy monitors?

Google hasn’t been much help. Does anyone know if the eSATA port supports port-multiplier?


I am figuring even though I have a spare gaming card left over from an upgrade I would still need to add another $100 or so to up the memory and power supply. As is though doesn’t seem like a bad deal if you are not gaming. No way could you put this together yourself for this cost.

BTW - Anyone know if the power supplies in these are standard form factor?

Some more digging found this:

The Intel H67 Express Platform Controller Hub seems to support eSATA port-multiplier.

I bought one last time, It was a mess inside. I fixed all the problems and added a GeForce GTX 750Ti SC 2GB graphics card and 16GB of ram and ended up with a nice gaming rig. Furmark benchmarking went from a score of 281 with the integrated graphics to a score of 4950 with a $100 graphics card. Here’s my post from the one I bought…

so if 300 watt ps isn’t enough for a gaming video card- how much wattage/power does a decent card need to draw from?

Did you need to change out the PS to accommodate that video card? If not, does the stock PS have that 6pin video card connector?

If you go to Shuttles website you can use their power calculator to see if you need to upgrade the power supply. The card I put in only requires a 300W supply. It works very well. Didn’t need to add a power supply connector on my card.

Is the motherboard version 1 or version 2?[showUid]=239

I picked up one of these from woot about a month ago and you are out of luck. It doesn’t have a port-multiplier on the eSATA port. Other than that it is still an awesome little system.

I have a 400 watt psu in my desktop and after putting in a graphics card upgrade I feel like I’m at my limit. To know what psu you need you can’t just read what the graphics card recommends. You need to tally the draw for each piece of hardware attached to your computer. If you want a high end card I would suggest 450 or 500 to be safe. But again that depends on what else your computer has attached to that psu as well.

No, the power supply is not standard, but you can buy higher ones that will fit.

FYI, the shuttle’s have compact sized power supplies. They are not standard full size ATX. They don’t sell many larger wattage sizes either. And you have to be careful, because what works for one shuttle type, might not work for another. And if you do find one, it will cost you twice as much.

If you’re buying this for gaming, do yourself a favor and don’t. Use and build a mini ITX box if you really want a compact gaming PC. It would still made an ok media PC…I guess.

Source: Did IT support for a company that heavily invested in shuttles before I joined.

Any thoughts on this as a media server, possibly a Plex Home Theater Server?

What memory did you use? I would like to up this to 16gig.