Shuttle XPC Intel i5, 2 x 320GB Desktop

I had missed these twice before, selling out before I could make up my mind to get one. I finally got one and it came. This thing looks brand new, I don’t mean cleaned-up, I mean brand new. First thing I did was take off the top to check it out. The inside was spotless- no dust. The one I received was never used- it smelled new. It had 1x4GB module in (which was nice, I thought it would be 2 x 2GB). The components are nice, the heatsink heatpipe assembly was heavy duty, fan was barely audible. What I like about this the most is that although it’s small- it’s not tiny. It’s easy to access and work around. I’m going to add 4GB more of RAM and an SSD. The I5 in this is (I5-2400) has a passmark of 5837 which is strong by today’s standards, even though this is a 2nd gen I5. I’m not concerned about graphics side because I won’t be gaming on this, but it does have an open pci-16 slot. With today’s power efficient graphics cards you could make a modest gaming rig out of it without having to change out the power supply. I highly recommend this if it comes up again, one of the best bangs for the buck woot has ever had. You can’t find these used on eBay for this price.