Shuttle XPC Intel i7, 2 x 2TB Desktop

Is it worth it to get this and turn it into a gaming PC?

Yes. I bought 2 of these and put Geoforce GTX750ti video cards in them to make gaming PCs. One had to be sent back because it came with a v1 motherboard which had problems with the card, after I got another with the v2 motherboard, I flashed both of them with the newest bios update from Shuttles website…
and they’ve been stable gaming rigs. I can run games at full detail levels with no problems. Some problems I ran into on these: One had very noisy hard drives and had to be replaced with new drives, all of them were missing screws for the drives and drive cage, all of them had sloppy routing of the SATA & power wires, one had the wrong motherboard, another had the wrong bios version. All in all these are a good deal even with the work I had to do to straighten them out. Search the previous sales for more posts about these, there’s good info in them.

I just got this to hopefully act as my HTPC for my 4K TV. Do you have compatible recommendation for a video card that can handle 4k?


Here’s Shuttles list of supported graphics cards…
But the first card I tried wouldn’t even post bios, that was a “GIGABYTE GV-R7240C-2GI”. I then tried an “EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti SC” and had no problems. I had to update the bios version of the Shuttle in order to be able to turn off the integrated graphics. There may be other graphics cards that work. I suggest you use Shuttles power calculator here…
to make sure you won’t have to upgrade the power supply. The included power supply has a power connector for video cards that require it, but the one I used didn’t need it. The reviews at Amazon say the GTX 750Ti does 4k…

From the last time this was offered here…

can you use the two video output ports simultaneously… have one monitor on dvi the other on hdmi?

I bought this last time it came around on woot! Seems very well built. The liquid cooling is impressive. CPU is barely warm to the touch even under heavy load. Very quiet too. Throw in a cheap SSD and a GeForce 750Ti and you’d be hard pressed to find a better gaming rig for the price.

I got one the last go round, and it was $100 more as I recall.
I cloned the hard drive with the OS onto an 256g SSD, and now this puppy screams.!!!
And I’ve got an extra terabyte external storage drive out of it.!
Great little machine and even better with this price.!!!

I bought this machine last month, upgraded to SSD, and have been very pleased. The speed is amazing! I use it as my PLEX server and access is instantaneous. One other positive I notice is that it runs so much cooler than my last computer (a Dell Inspiron). Since this is a media server, it has to be up all the time. The fan on my previous machine ran constantly. This one cycles in and out and is a lot quieter.

Does this system allow you to run two monitors? I’m not that computer savvy so I couldn’t tell from the specs.

When i checked the website and input the specifications it said i could run a gtx 960 with an i7. However, there were two types of i7s listed. A normal i7, and a low power i7. How do i know which of these two cpu versions is in this bundle.

On mine, CPU-Z said it’s the regular 95 watt one. The low power one is 65 watts if I recall correctly.

Seriously, you were shipped the product like that? It doesn’t sound like Woot would do that. If you bought it new it would work out of the box, and this sounds like it wasn’t working until you did all the updates. That’s not good.

I want to purchase one, but I want it to work out of the box.

Does anyone know if the mPCIe slot is mSATA compatible?

It came stock with liquid cooling? Wow, impressive.

Just received this DOA will not even power up … really disappointed my first big buy on Woot and it is a lemon.

Ugh, sorry. Have you contacted AST about the warranty yet? If not, I’d recommend starting there.

If you need any extra assistance along the way, please send your order number and situation to; CS can check into things for you.

Tried says serial number not found. I wrote customer service not much they will be able to do I am tech savvy and it appears to be the Power supply since the fan will not even spin on it.

Oh man, bummer. Keep us updated on how things pan out.