Shy Pocket Monster

Hilarious write-up!!
And, Hats off (or any other piece of clothing desired) to the artist for bringing one of my favorite expressions to life!!!

Damn! I was really hoping this shirt would get picked: Shirt.Woot

This shirt is perfect for those who have Pocket Protector and Marsupial in my Pocket already.

omg! the cuteness… THE CUTENESS!! dies

It’s a good thing my husband doesn’t look good in red. That means this shirt is MINE and I can wear it when he wears his pocket koala :smiley:

Oh he’s so cute! I could just give him a little scratch right between those adorable little ear - ARGH! MY FINGERS!

Wait, a pocket monster…Hah! It’s a pokemon.

Yay! I had my fingers crossed for this one! Buying now…

What you don’t see is that the critter is nothing but teeth below those cute, little eyes.

Congrats Jewelwing!

Well, after reading the writeup, nice bulge is probably inappropriate, but impressive how jewelwing managed to get a sense of weight and creature presence into the design.

Sorry adorable little Koala it looks like you just been replaced by an equally if not more cuter pocket monster to place in my pocket. While we are at it lets color the shirt different and change the pocket position… there now that’s better! Welcome home my new pet we will be together forev-- is that a robot!?

I love that monster! So happy this one printed, Jewelwing!

“what it’s got in its nassty little pocketses?”

What’s not shown: The large entry hole he made through the back of the shirt. :wink:

Totally makes my weekend seeing this up here. The write up is pretty awesome.
Thanks for the pick tgentry and to everyone who voted for it! Hope you all enjoy your shirts.

Congrats Jewelwing! Great shirt!

Can you wear this shirt after midnight?


An excellent choice. Soon woot should do a ‘stuff in the shirt pocket’ themed side-sale.

How did Travis Gentry become a ‘guest editor’? Shouldn’t his role in the choosing of winners be filled in the “we at woot choose the second-place winner” slot? I think this week we had “we choose the second-place winner” followed by “we at woot also choose the third-place winner”.

Congrats to the artists (and the pocket shading and sense of depth on today’s is really awesome), but while all good this week’s winners just aren’t to my tastes for various reasons and I’m really disappointed not to see Daydream or Beware a Mask make it. I thought those two were amazing and really stood out.

Oh well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a second chance derby or side sale.