Si Espanol Vino Spanish Tempranillo (6)

Si Espanol Vino Spanish Tempranillo 6-Pack
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2015 Si Espanol Vino Tempranillo, Spain

To tell you about this wine, I will have to tell you a story.

Upon getting the opportunity to review this wine, I excitedly awaited for it to arrive on Thursday before I was going to drive down to San Diego for a hastily planned weekend away. We arrived at my wife’s godfather’s (el padrino) house a little bit after 7 and exchanged greetings and stories since we’d last seen each other. We opened the box and found that inside it contained a Spanish Tempranillo. Being avid fans of European wines and of reds in particular, we were excited to taste what typically we would expect to be a complex and exciting wine with a hint of sweetness. After plating our arepas and chicken we retired to the back porch to try the wine out.

As the sun was setting and the crickets were chirping, we looked over the rolling hills of the nature preserve behind his house and took our visual impressions of the wine before the light died. The initial impression was a pleasing and deep red with a little bit of brown in it. We swirled and let the wine breath, expecting it to open up its flavors and scents. Instead, we initially couldn’t identify the smells of the wine. We confessed to each other that our noses weren’t our strong suit and dove in, leaning into our tongues to provide the better part of the review.

What we found was that unlike most tempranillos, which are usually an arpeggio of flavors constantly shifting and in concert with each other, that this wine played just a single note. The padrino and I are fans of wines with a deep body and tannins, so we found that our desires were not met. Still, we committed ourselves to reviewing the wine in detail and continued further.

We found that relying on our palettes was not a mistake – immediately we were able to identify a strong cherry note that was the single note we had tasted. The sugar we were looking for in the tempranillo was not detected and with further testing and breathing, we didn’t find any flavors opening up beyond the cherry. We shifted back to the scent and found that the cherry was indeed there in the scent – something we hadn’t been able to place before tasting the wine. However, past the cherry we were able to detect now the hint of mint and white birch.

Our conversation had roamed throughout the meal from life to black holes to what connects us all as humans. After our meal was done, we moved into wine theory – discussing breathing the wine and even how I’d seen on television one time that a late night talk show host (Conan upon research prior to writing this article) had even had a guest once that discussed how foods complementing the wine could enhance its appreciation. It was at this time that his wife (la madrina) came out with the desert of berries that we had neglected to come inside to grab, given that we had been wrapped in conversation.

With the sky black except for the stars coming out and headlights of late night mountain bikers coming down the ridge of the rolling hills, we enjoyed some more conversation as we finished our bowls of fruit. What I found when I returned to the wine was that theory had indeed became practice. The berries had opened up the wine in a way that the chicken did not, and there was a greater width of flavors that hadn’t been there before. It wasn’t the arpeggio or even a chord – but a few notes in simple harmony. I invited el padrino to try it and he was pleased to find the same happening to his palette. We both agreed it was still not a wine for us, but we could appreciate it for those who have different tastes than ours.

With that in mind, if you enjoy wines without tannins, no strong body, but possibly the flavors of cherry – this is a wine for you. If you enjoy more of a cabernet sauvignon or even a typical tempranillo – this may not be a wine for you. Recommended pairings: cherries, berries, a night sky full of stars, and good conversation. Pro tips: take some time getting to know this wine through sight, scent, and taste to fully enjoy it – you’ll be glad you did.

I’ll be driving back up today and will be happy to answer any questions I can about the wine, but it may take me a little bit of time to get back to you given the driving.

Tempranillo on its own is a tough one. At least for me. Assuming this is 100% your observations would be spot on, as it is kind of one dimensional and typically blended with other grapes.
Not sure why you are looking for sweetness though. And I won’t comment on spelling :wink:

Thanks for the note!

Thank you for the wonderful tasting notes. The grape debater program is flourishing!

What area of Spain and vintage is this Tempranillo? Any other information will be appreciated.

I’m sorry. I checked our back-end notes and I don’t have any other info to share about this wine. Sad face!

2015 and probably multiple areas of Spain for the grapes. At less than $10/bottle it’s not surprising that it seems to be a one-note wine and if you want to talk pedigree, AW Direct is basically a marketing company so business first, wine second.

I’ve seen quite a few winemakers on here who choose the incorrect form of the word “palate” too! That never ceases to amaze me…

Yeah shouldn’t be that guy. The spelling police, but that one bugs me and I hadn’t had coffee yet…all in good fun this hobby is right?

As well as not knowing the difference between breathe and breath.

we shouldnt beso up tight,


Isn’t that why we drink?

thoughts on this:

Ty Caton ‘Winemaker’s Cuvee’ Cabernet Moon Mountain District 2014

Now grammerr is another topick

Warm and fuzzy right?:
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Yes, I detect a very palpable Moxie note.

Tough bunch today/tonight.

You’re telling me :slight_smile: Any questions about the taste of the wine itself? I’m done driving now so happy to answer any questions.

Thanks, those were some nice notes. Thoughtful and mood-setting, haha. Made me want to be sitting out under the stars with a glass of wine. Probably not this wine, but, well, you know…