¡Sí, Turtles!

Finally an answer to life’s biggest question: “Are those Spanish turtles?”

Awesome piece, Tasha! I can’t wait to see what you have in store next, JW!

And now I want soup.

Having a total “Finding Nemo” moment when I look at this. Anyone else get that vibe too?

From a distance, this looks like an arrow pointing down to my junk.

By the way, is there a logical reason that “yes” is in Spanish or was that a shameless excuse to use a pun with no actual basis in the design?

Ah, affirmation with animals. Aye, Aye-aye!

Not sure it’s something I’d wear, but I’m tempted to get one to hang on the wall. Reminds me of my first snorkeling trip to ‘Turtle Town’, in Maui.

The turtles are endangered, and you’re meant to keep about 10 feet away from them at all times. Trouble is, the turtles don’t know that, and are curious/friendly buggers. :slight_smile:

I appreciate such positive reptiles.

No wonder Marlin couldn’t understand Squirt in “Finding Nemo”. The litte guy was speaking Spanish!

I want this as a shower curtain!

I like turtles!

This is a lot of blue for just one shirt.

On a far away island of Salamasond
Yertle the turtle
Was king of the pond.

Shouldn’t it be Tortugas?

I just had a realization:

This shirt about sea turtles contains no green or brown colors.

Not an easy feat. Nice work, Tasha Chapman.

Very nice. I believe Tasha will emerge from her shell as a well-respected artist, not only on Woot.

they seem to be caretta caretta turtles

For some reason the shirt title made me think of Mexican turtles…