SIC Cups Insulated Drinkware

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SIC Cups Insulated Drinkware
Price: $13.99 - 19.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Aug 23 to Thursday, Aug 24) + transit
Condition: New


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Why does a cup come with all that stuff?

Other than the product literature, the only “stuff” seems to be the shaker, which is just a wire ball designed to break up your pretentious protein powder add-in. Unless you’re counting hte lid as extraneous “stuff”, of course.

ETA: I should read all the pick-shoors before I make comments. Shaker looks like a cocktail model, not a no-handle wire whisk. Still…not much extraneous stuff.

Mea culpa. Or something.

“Dude, you gotta check this insulated drinkware… these things are SIC”

I purchased the 30oz. tumbler last time these were listed and have nothing but great things to say about it. The ice always outlasts my drink, even on the few occasions I left it in the hot car all day (I had slightly watered down cold brew on my way home from work). I also have not noticed the tumbler retaining the smell of previous drinks I have had in there. 5 stars!!

Why, so they can portend to have more value than something you would find, say, at a big-box store that sells a mountain range/forest/town named product that does the same for one-third less.

Alas, to each their own. I like the colors and I’m sure they work as well as all the other double-wall stainless steel mugs out there. And you get stickers with this one!

I bought those “southern destination” cups - or maybe it was another brand (gave as gifts) but the dang lid didn’t have a locking cover over the mouthpiece. Seemed weird to me.

Just buy an Ozark Trail insualted cup at Walmart for less than $8. They are excellent for less than half the price.

Need a locking lid? (I use them without one, myself.) Then pick this up while you’re there, also for less than $8. All told, still cheaper after Woot’s shipping price.

I’m on the fence about the lid. . .On one hand, not having any movable parts means easier cleanup and fewer germy places yet you risk spillage. Having a closing lid is the converse of that. I’ve found that when (noticed I didn’t say if!) my tumbler has tumbled, I am able to get to it with minimal spilling.

Again, it is all personal preference. I just wish everyone would not discredit one maker over the other. There may be slight differences in how long something is kept hot/cold by minutes, but this design is amazing for the day-user. The biggest difference I can surmise is the advertising dollars invested by each manufacturer.

Deal wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the $5 shipping charge plus taxes…I’ll stick with the 12.99 Rtics

Bought the 30 oz last time, great cup! However they have doubled the price and included a free shaker?!?! Ummm Thats not free! Sounds like a shenanigan to me, no deal!