SideSleeper Pro Pillow & Case – 2 Pk



I wonder what I would do with 2…


You get not just one, but two… TWO side sleeper pillows!

I use one on the couch for watching TV while laying down.


have a left and a right pillow…



Bought this on prior Woot, with the hope it would work well with my sleep apnea mask. Wasn’t comfortable at all and gave them to Goodwill. Maybe you will have better luck.


how does telling us what you do with one help answer the question of what to do with two?


Is that little hole in the middle a nose hole, or to catch the drool from a very sound sleep that one will ostensibly get when resting upon these?


These are selling for $18 individually on Amazon & so this is a great deal on a pair.


So this is the same fill as the $5 pillows in that big cage at the big box stores, just in a U-shape w/ an ear cup? Or am I missing something more specialer?


I kinda figured the other would be on the bed.

I flop around too much to use this as a pillow on the bed. I do really like it on the couch though.


yeah, I was just being a smart butt.


Curse you woot! I have a set from a previous woot. One for my bed and one for in the camper. I wanted one for my father-in-law. He was being tempted by the $80 mypillow and I suggested he try one of these first. So I just paid $15 for one from Amazon last week. Crud!

I still might order another set anyway, just as replacements and/or spares.

And you can face the “wrong” way on it just fine. It is not uncomfortable. So if you are a flip-flopper from side to side, you’ll just have the back part in the front. It really feels no different on your head. No different than those body pillows.


I have one. I like it.

Now if only Woot would sell the pillow I so desperately want but can’t find anywhere: the Northlight Ergonomic Flex Pillow. Gave mine to my bro when he got injured & can’t replace it now.


Brat. :tongue:


I’d be in for a buckwheat pillow if woot offered one at a better price than Amazon proper. Nobody cares though. Nobody.


That’s where your ear goes. These are made for side-sleepers.


Is there a way to get a new pillowcase if something happens to the one it comes with?


TMI about your WILD and EXOTIC nightlife, TT! :slight_smile:


If you read this as if Buffalo Bill is saying it, this question takes on a whole new meaning. I’m just sayin’.