SideSleeper Pro Pillow and Pillow Case – 2 Pack

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SideSleeper Pro Pillow and Pillow Case - 2 Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This Woot brought to you by the letter “A”

Ear well? what
Never drink water from an ear well

get some red pillow cases and pretend they’re lobster claws.

Are these sidesleepers perfectly designed for spooning?

Ooh, an “earwell.” I am (perhaps) perversely interested in this.

forever alone

I predict that these pillows will be sold out due to pregnant women and their purchasing power…

hmmm this might be just what I am looking for, Thanks woot

Very nice if you don’t move! ;(

What happened to little the “Two for Tuesday” icon?

3.5 stars over at the mother ship… erm, Amazon.


Where’s the photo of the sexy girl demonstrating the product in a flimsy red negligee? Hmm?

Alas, you are thinking of

This pillow does not cater to the dreaded awkward-arm

Here is an Amazon link for one. Includes picture of a woman using pillow. Interesting but no reviews on item.

I’ve been looking all over for a pillow I can side-sleep on with earbuds in… here’s hoping that creepy ear well might do the trick!

If humans came in cardboard boxes, this would be the shape of the styrofoam packing.

Actually, I don’t believe that is the same pillow. This is the proper link if I am not mistaken.

Has a single terrible rating, and warns of sleeping on a brick. Buyer beware.