SideSleeper Pro Pillow and Pillow Case – 2 Pack



My pregnant sister LOVES these.


Dang, I wanted that immersion blender- only 2 available? By the time I price checked on Amazon, it was gone.


Didn’t we already see these today?

Maybe not. Perhaps I need new eyes.


If only I slept on my side. I’m a back sleeper and have yet to see a pillow for my kind on here.


How can you tell how many of each item there are to sell?


Same here, second time today I was too slow to get in.

I really need/want a roomba so keeping my eyes peeled.


The price is right, and I could always sleep better. In for one set.


At last! This is just what I needed to break free of the amateur SideSleeper ranks!


Yep, they were up earlier. Couldn’t decide whether to get them then, and I’m still ambivalent now.


Bought these the last time they were on sellout woot. They take some getting used to and I still rotate with my regular body pillow, but all in all a good buy.


“Ear well” ?? Oh well! I’m in for two since I’m a side sleeper who needs to keep aligned.


Thank you, I thought I was going crazy…or I guess a little crazier than I already am.


I bought these last time, they’re about $15 each at the wal-mart by my house, I really like it even though it does take a little getting used to!


I’m in for 1 - looks like there was only one sold in the earlier woot offering. Explains why I missed it – that & it was in the middle of the night …


I bought these awhile back - I don’t use them at night, but they’re great for falling asleep on the couch.


Could anyone comment on the firmness of these?


I have them. I’d say very firm. It doesn’t work for me in bed because I sleep on my arm as well and it just doesn’t work for that. I’m using it while laying the couch watching TV though and it’s comfy for that.


Bought some when they were a regular Woot item a few months back. You won’t get them confused with a crazy ultra-plush pillow from a brand-name store, but they do the job. No chance you find replacement pillow cases (obviously), so you’re stuck with the paper-thin one that comes on the pillow unless you know a seamstress (aka my mother-in-law). My shoulders are wide enough that I actually stack both. Neck feels good the in a.m. and wife appreciates that I didn’t find my way onto my back through the night.


Oh I can’t help but roll out the obligatory “That’s what she said” joke here.

Apologies in advance…