Siemens Bluetooth Car Kit

Siemens Bluetooth Car Kit
$19.99+ $5 shipping

1 Siemens Bluetooth Car Kit with Speakerphone and Microphone HKW-700

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Tonight’s item = Choice. =)

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<3 The Shanty Of Bluetooth

(side question) any other requests for pricing sites?

Happy Wooting!

useful linkage bloggery for ALL comparison engine links (including the zill, froogs, nexty, etc… i did them right tonigt… cuz that’s what Sanjaya would’ve wanted… btw,

this’ll go great with the blackberry i wooted

interesting. anybody got a review?

For those begging for it. You finally got your bluetooth and the WOOTCAST too.

Oh, so trendy. Not sure how this would work with my convertible though. Windnoise and all that.

My car lighter port is being used for my wooted fm tuner.

i’d be all over it… if it did A2DP

“or my haberdasher letting me know that this week’s new suits are finished”

Dear Woot,

haberdasher makes hats not suits :-]

“Thanks to full duplex voice-quality with echo-compensation and noise suppression for crystal clear sound transmission .”

Indeed, thanks and praise be to it.

I’m always amused at these things advertising “full-duplex.” Who would want a half-duplex one?

wont work on my moped. damn!

Is it just me or does this thing look huge!!! Does anyone know the dimensions on this?

This is sweet, count me in for 1

im in for one… looks awesome!and seems like a decent price! GREAT WOOT!

Seems like a bluetooth headset would be more useful. You can use that in the car too you know. Yeah “you can even scroll through the mobile phone’s address book to pick a number from an existing contact”. How’s that safer than just using the phone?

Sounds kinda personal.

You wish :wink:

Is it worth it?