Sierra Club Chardonnay Quartet

hmmm Tempting…very Tempting

looks interesting. and within the budget. but no AZ this week?

Hmmm… A woot to shut up those btching about reds-only and one to get the reds-only crowd bitching, and, not to be outdone, there will surely be the, “Ugh…Chardonnay…” crew here shortly.

…and for the record…

Sierra Club Chardonnay Quartet
$39.99 + $5 shipping
4 Sierra Club 2003 Chardonnay

You have GOT to be kidding. the Sierra Club has a reputation as one of the more sinister and hostile wacko environmental fringe ‘clubs’ out there. There is no way in hell I will contribute to these people, they have done more to damage the eco system in pursuit of their ill-formed fringe positions than you could ever imagine.

Do your homework before sending any money their way.

I will drink water this week, thank you.

Here, sierra club chard. made bronze for 2003, mendocino county. Listed at ~$15 a bottle. I’m buying to balance out all the woot reds I’ve been taking…


Is this really from the same outfit ? I already wooted one out to my old man (71 yr old chard freak) but he is also conserv. anti- eco freaks

Yes, they are! I won’t buy any wine this week. I am glad I stocked up on earlier wine woots. Not one red cent from me for the Sierra Club.

anyone got any actual links to back this up, or are we looking for a novel reason to ‘wine’.

Thanks woot! You’ve reminded me to get my chain saw sharpened and I don’t have to stay sober this Friday evening waiting on the UPS man.

i really hate to reply to this… this is the kind of discussion that can rapidly get way out of hand way too fast. i’m not part of the sierra club, i’m pretty apathetic about having an argument about the whole thing, i just get tired of people on either side of an issue throwing out words like “sinister. . . hostile wacko . . . fringe” (or capitalist facist somethingorother blahblahblah). this isn’t the place to argue if some members of the sierra club wouldn’t mind breaking off into some kind of ELF/ALF kind of group, or that some people may or may not funnel money to EvilGroup X, or that aliens were responsible for killing all the owls in oregon. but still… i don’t want to read about it on

i dunno. maybe the mods should just delete all discussions on this thread that don’t have to do with the quality of the wine itself, before people get all fired up and post a lot of replies that just serve to inflame people. i hope this reply gets taken with all the good nature it was intended with.

why can’t arizona partake this week? I mean california is like right next door!!!

I’m with djnull above on DELETING any and all political references such as have already been spewed earlier in this thread.

This is a board for wine bargains and interesting and fun discussion about wine. We don’t need ignorant rightwingers spreading nonsense and scurrilous attacks, poisoning the amosphere as they have done in their takeover of talk radio.

Mods, please eradicate my posting along with those of the assassins attacking the important and patriotic work of the Sierra Club. :slight_smile:

I have the same fear. If I want a political debate, I’ll head to FARK. It’s going to be kind of hard to avoid, I suppose, in this case.
What I do like is the fact that it’s an organically made wine, and I would imagine they attempt eco-friendly wine production. And at $10/bottle, I’m down if it’s a good Chard. That’s what I want to know.

So does anyone have any info on the actual wine?

I tried:
Seems like a good deal. As previously posted, probably would be around $15/bottle, normally. injected politics into this by selling Sierra Club wine. To delete all discourse on the topic is pure censorship. If the Sierra Club gains one penny from this sale, either directly or indirectly, Woot has an obligation to disclose that fact. I, for one, would like to know if my money is supporting a special interest group.

I was hoping for an offer like this with 3 or 4 moderately priced Chardonnays this week, since we’ll be having a large group of guests for Thanksgiving. Serving Sierra Club wine is going to flame out at least half of our guests. Election season is almost over. I don’t want my guests to get back into it at Thanksgiving.

How many people like 1Tab are going to unknowingly buy this politically charged wine, only to find themselves in the middle of a political argument?

Woot, please don’t inject yourselves into politics. I’ve been pleased with the 5 orders I’ve placed to date. More importantly, though, don’t listen to those asking you to eliminate any free discussion for a particular polictical position. This genie is already out of the bottle.

Read the specs toward the bottom of the description.

I’ve been waiting for a nicely priced group like this for Turkey day so I’m bummed it has to be from a special interest group. I guess I’ll continue waiting and go to my local stores for my Thanksgiving wines.