Sierra Club Chardonnay Quartet

if you are going to smear sierra club, put up or shut up.

Rush? Rush Limbaugh? Is that you?
MAybe woot should have split this week’s offering amongst the red and blue states.

The problem with not caring or wanting to hear on a wine woot page, is that the wine description clearly opens the door to this discussion with the “portion of the proceeds” comment

Yikes! Methinks partaking in a bit more woot wine would help to mellow the discussion.

The Sierra Club has two sides to it, like a lot of organizations. There are certainly a lot of absolute whackos involved in the Sierra Club and as a mountain biker, I have seen them and had experiences with them first hand.

However, we don’t need links or documentation to back this up. Google it, there’s a lot of information out there. The point is that this wine is going to support a group that some people have a problem with, so to point out that there are extremists involved in the Sierra Club is a perfectly valid post in this discussion - it directly impacts the decision to make a purchase. I wouldn’t buy this wine, due specifically to that reason.

The discussion on the Sierra Club doesn’t need to continue, since the point has been made, but it was a valid point and belongs here.

Tree Hugger Wine…nooooooooooo!!!

Chill out…geeezzz

I’m glad a got in on last weeks… I’ll pass on this one (thanks Woot ;))…

Boy I miss Jan and Kris.

I don’t have a problem with the Sierra Club, mostly because I don’t know that much about them. I do, however, have to wonder of this is really a $10 wine that is normally sold for $15 so that $5 can go to the Sierra Club. If that’s the case, then this isn’t really a very good deal. I was also hoping for some nice, reasonable whites in time for Thanksgiving.

Maybe one of the wine.woot guys could comment on this wine and the winery that makes it? I don’t understand the Signature Wines thing. The “partner branded” wine thing doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

Ugh… Chardonnay… And its not even compatible with my Mac.


Only governments can “censor” in the traditional sense. Since we aren’t forced to live in Woot-ville, we come and go as we please. It’s a lot different than being a citizen.

Lighten up. Drink wine. Be happy.

Yeah, but it’ll give you a bluetooth!

Is there any organization out there that someone, somewhere wouldn’t have a problem with?

There are wackos in every organization, usually it’s because of them that something gets done, and it’s because of the moderate, level headed people, that not all of the wacko’s ideas are acted out. Would you rather have a wine that contributes to the NRA, the Boy Scouts, American Red Cross? I know there a people who have problems with these organizations as well!

Enough political views. Don’t like the way they operate? Join them, make a change.



Also keep in mind that Freedom of Speech is not a protected right in this forum. Woot owns this site and it is entirely up to the moderators to determine what is and is not acceptable.

IMHO, the Sierra Club is a more ‘grounded’ organization than groups like PETA who take a stance so far outside the norm that they become branded as radical. They represent a voice against development and destruction of natural land that needs to be present in our society.

I’m not saying they’re necessarily RIGHT, but, like our political system, checks & balances are an important part of the system. There are certainly enough lobbying groups out there for big business and commercial development. The Sierra Club represent a very important counter-point in those discussions.

That said, this is definetly a ‘blue state’ wine. Maybe woot can offer a deal next week where proceeds from the sales go to help support a struggling oil company. :smiley:

EDIT: Meant to add this: Sierra Club - Wikipedia

huh, apart from my not purchasing this wine, WOOT’s support for this organization is forcing me to rethink future patronage of any WOOT site.

Further, I believe this is entirely appropriate to discuss on this forum.

I would typically agree, let’s not go down that rat hole. In this case, however, WOOT (whom I love and I have ordered EVERY wine.woot with the exception of the sparkling variety) has put up a deal that involves an involuntary contribution to tis group.

My blast is not so much intended to start a flame war, although I wrote it knowing the risk. It is to hopefully get people to at least look into it before taking the plunge. The Sierra Club is a very dangerous organization, the facts back this up.

Please, WOOT, stay away from these types of deals that involve contributing to an organization of any kind. No matter the cause, it will take the conversation away from the wine itself, which is why I am here to begin with, and in some cases it may do more damage than good.

“I am a Republican” - Fess Parker

Here’s a good way to balance things out. I think most wine wooters would welcome a good Fess Parker collection - even the blue staters.

Just a thought.

Also Ugh…Chardonnay.

Boo! Whites. Won’t live as long. Anyone read about resveratrol last week?