Sierra Designs Backpack - Your Choice

The guy wearing it has the belt around his stomach, not his hips. Doesn’t show fit comparison

First time I’ve been a “First Sucker.”

Been waiting for the right backpack deal. Just one review on Amazon, and it’s a five-star.

Prices on ebay are all above $100.

I’ve got my blue Vibrams and my blue backpack. I think I’m set.

So how do we use those torso fit range measurements?

Is it based on the width of your shoulders? (Other measurements don’t seem to make sense on myself, given that the numbers are nowhere near the circumference of my chest or the width of my chest.)

Or is it based on the width of where the shoulder straps should fall on your body?

Edit: Ah excellent, it seems that it’s based on distance between top of hips and shoulder bone. Hurray I can buy the M/L, which has more storage space!

Backpack measurements are based on the distance between the hips and shoulders. A proper fit should be with the weight carried at the top of your hip bones, which should be at the middle of the waist strap. The shoulder straps should keep the bag from falling forwards, backwards, or to the side, but they shouldn’t be used to support the weight of the bag.

Also, there are more reviews here:

It’s the length of your spine from the C7 vertebrae (where your neck and shoulders meet usually, feel for a bump if you lean your head forward) and the top of your pelvis. It’s a lot easier to measure with someone else helping.

Here’s a review that help me decide to try one out. Hands on and detailed.

Let me add, do not skip measuring yourself if you don’t already know your torso length. It is very important. I’ve seen a lot of people assume “I’m a big guy, I will need the large. and then struggle with an ill-fitting pack.”

I am 5’ 8" and 200lbs and because of my short torso length, I wear a small backpack.

My best friend is the same height and about 30 lbs lighter and he wears a large.

Anyone else a bit irritated by purchising this same pack off the Woot Plus deal that ended yesterday just to see the price drop by $20 tonight? It might be one thing if it had been a couple of weeks, but we’re talking 24 hours here.

I contacted Woot about refunding the difference (since my pack is still sitting in the warehouse with these waiting to be shipped) and I’ll let you know how it turns out

So if Im correct as a 35-37 waist I should not buy this… Bummer.
Thank you for the heads up. I wanted one of these for some time now.

Somebody please show the dude modeling the pack in the last picture how to carry it. That’s a hip belt, not a chest belt.

Sierra Designs Revival 65 has product description, video link and instructions. Its worth noting that the product described on the website is a 65L vs the 50L being wooted.

The self-articulating hip belt and spinal support design really sold me on this pack. Looking forward to getting out there with it.

I only want the BPA-Free Water Bottle Pockets if they can assure me the pockets will also hold my non-compliant BPA-enhanced water bottles.

I have a 40" waist at 6’2" and the backpack fits me just fine (m/L). I worried about that when I bought them at $99 a few weeks ago ( one for me and one for my son). This is a great price!

I bought the ladies version for my neighbor last time it was on Woot. She loves it and will be taking it on the AT with us this spring. The back channel is super comfy and if I hadn’t already gotten my pack, I’d have bought the men’s version. Still might.

I need a decent pack for a planned assault on Kilimanjaro later this year, but I am thinking this is too big…

It looks like that dude has never worn a pack before…or maybe just doesn’t leave the office much.

A little big is nice for clothes, but more important is support and fit. Good luck on Kili! Which route are you taking?

You will need the space. Need a lot of gear for that mountain due to the trail lengths…even if you use porters.