Sierra Designs Backpacks

This is a seemingly pretty sweet deal. Says it’s “packable” and guess I’m curious how packable it is.

Eh, will probably grab at least one for the price.

Are these really 2.1 liter capacity? About the size of a soda bottle.

I’m going to assume that that is supposed to be 21 liters.

However, that doesn’t explain why the info also says 2181 cubic inches, which is over 30 liters, so I’m not sure. But there is no way this pack is over 30. Rounding error, anyone?

This site confirms 21L @ 1281 ci. What we have here, folks, is a fatfingerer.

Good eye, I’ll let the buyer know so they can update the specs. Thanks!

Is that an ice axe/trekking pole loop? I can’t tell from the picture.

LOL. Nice job confirming the true specs.
That is one FAT finger (2mistakes in 1 go?!) :stuck_out_tongue:

And SportChalet is showing $12.96 price…hmmm :smiley:

Got mine delivered today, can confirm the label says 21 liters. Not sure which loops dannydubya is talking about, there are several loops in addition to the handle on the back that allows you to carry the bag like a duffle bag rather than a backpack.

Just in case this pops up again on woot in the future, this is a great pack, perfect for adding an extra hike after you reach your destination and dump your main pack, or good for really any short day hike. Lacking a waist belt and any meaningful suspension, you wouldn’t want to load it and haul gear all afternoon.