Sierra Designs Day Packs Of All Sizes

Anyone tried this brand of pack?

Only review I could find is on amazon. Great price, regardless.

There is only one review and it’s non-verified so take it with a grain of salt.

while these are obviously not expedition size packs for multi-week trips… by putting model numbers in front of ‘day’ so that it reads as 20 day pack, 25 day pack, when it really means: Day pack Model Garnet 20, and so on is a tad misleading on the first read.

but then again expedition packs are &*^#ing huge, and if you get those confused with these, good luck on your trip.

I bought the Garnet 20 for MTB, it has tons of room, the back piece breathes better than any MTB specific Hydration pack I have ever used. Has tons of support and it’s really well made…tons of attention to detail. I ordered another one this time in different color, so when my current one dies, I have another. I’m using a 100oz reservoir from an Osprey 14 and it fits nicely. I’ve purchased a lot of the Sierra Designs jacket and bags from Woot this last year and haven’t been disappointed on single purchase.

I picked up a 50L Sierra Designs pack last year from Woot and took it out earlier this year, it worked great. Well built and thought out, it had straps and ties exactly where I wanted them. I wouldn’t expect any less from the packs on sale right now.

The pack I got shares the same design of a single aluminum rod running up the middle with the HDPE insterts and die cut waist belt. No complaints, I could adjust it to fit me well. The only issue was how I had the waist belt riding the first day, it was a bit too high and rubbed me raw on the hips. Completely my fault, I got it seated better the second day and all was well. Just be aware the rigidity of the waist belt may cause you to ride this pack differently from other brands, but it does work well when you get it right. It also breathes better than anything I’ve ever used, no sweat on my back or under the straps.

I got one of the 20 packs coming on in. I am no means a hiker of any sorts and I find the out doors repulsing. I just wanted a bag that would fit alot of stuff in it but still be comfortable and considered a carry on at airports. Am I the only person that sees this potential?

I thought about this also so I’m debating on biting the bullet on purchasing one or not.

I’m thinking about it, but the problem is that I don’t think the dimensions are large enough to let me carry textbooks. Which would make it kind of useless for me.