Sierra Designs Jackets and Backpacks

That dude in the picture is wearing the ladies’ pack.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Is there any way you guys have a M/L? If one is returned or something, could you let me know? I really want to buy this product, but you don’t have my size :frowning:

Got the Sierra Designs jacket a few weeks ago on woot. Great purchase, jacket has good wind-resistance and solid design. Under-arm vents are perfect for my bicycle commute early morning. Very light-weight.

Here’s a sizing chart, maybe:
It looks a bit like a generic sizing guide and not specifically for this jacket. Has anyone else seen a sizing chart?
Trying to decide between a medium or large, 6’1", 160lbs…

I am 6’2", 190lbs and wear the Large. Based on height, I’d steer you toward a Large. The Medium will fit you, but I would steer you toward a L.

They just had this jacket on here for $50 a week or two ago. What guarantee do I have that woot won’t have this same jacket again for a cheaper price 2 weeks from now?