Sierra Designs Men's Wicked Jacket

Dunno. Looks fairly innocent to me.

Found one lonely (but “very good”) review over at

Great reviews on Sierra Designs (4.9 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Hello wooters,

I got my first Sierra jacket 4 years ago, it has traveled with me and has kept me nice and dry throughout my trips to diffrent countries.I gave my last one away to my sister since she loved the design and the easy use. I was going to to buy a new one at REI, looks like woot just saved me 15 bucks of gas! get one while they last. I also looked up the chart on sizes, I got an XL to give me some room underneath, XL are good for chesty guys like me up to 50" the XXL is good for guys with 50 - 54" size chest.

I’m not seeing any reviews.

Just what I need for a day like today. I think it was 95 here today. Might of been a buy a few months ago.

Guess I shouldn’t of said reviews. More of one sentence blurbs about general Sierra Designs. My bad :wink:

For the rest of us here is the sizing chart

If you’re the type that likes to walk around with your hands in your jacket pockets, be aware that the “backpack compatible pockets” mean that the pockets are up higher than normal jacket pockets, sitting up on your rib cage instead of down just above your hips/waist. I had a ski jacket from another brand with pockets like that and they annoyed me to the point where I was happy a seam failed so I could initiate a warranty return.

Thank you for the sizing info, that was just what I needed to know! I’m going to have to pass on this as it’s too small.

Was going to buy one for hubby~then I read washing instructions. Not for me.

I have The North Face’s Resolve jacket which is close to this jacket. The Sierra Designs jacket here has two features I wish my Resolve jacket had.

This jacket has the underarm vents which would be nice for warmer days. Also this jacket appears to have a better adjustable hood. The Resolve’s hood is huge and it falls over your eyes as it just has the traditional hood adjustment. Being able to adjust the hood from the rear appears to be a great idea.

If I had to do it again (I paid $39 for the Resolve via Steep and Cheap), I would spend the extra and get this jacket.

This jacket is wicked, perfect for that trip to Boston.

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Pit zips are key for mixed conditions so that’s a big plus for this jacket. The high pockets I think are really mostly useful for hiking but for those of us that haul around cell phones and other carp in our pockets, it also means the weight won’t be bouncing around as much as it would down low. I use high pockets on my jackets all the time. The only thing that keeps me off the buy button is that hood/collar arrangement. I think that would drive me nuts chaffing against my ears when the hood is in the ‘down’ position.

Sierra Designs used to be the major competitor to North Face. North Face then bought it. It is somewhat independent from North Face in how it is run but not completely. Both are generally higher end gear makers with decent reputations and are more likely than not to honor warranties without hassling you (although you will be stuck with garment cleaning charges and postage).

The high end raingear like this one is designed for backpackers who want lightweight gear. As a result you sometimes have compromises (for example no lining - someone commented the seams are tapped - tapped is actually good, reduces the odds of leaking and no need to seam seal - but they didn’t like that the seams showed - well that is because a lining would add to the weight) which may or many not bother you.

Because they are used for camping they have to be reasonably resistant to rip and abrasion damage. however there is also a presumption that backpackers take care of their stuff.

Depending on what this is made of you may need to actually follow the cleaning instructions. For example there are some fabrics that are waterproof and breathable that regular laundry soap clogs the fabric “pores” and reduces the breathability after it is washed this way.

Check the sizing carefully as most higher end gear makers have their own peculiarities about sizing.

What, no XXL!!! There’s hardly ever any XXL,XXXL sizes. Woot shouldn’t just be for little people.

I’m 6’2" and ~215 lbs. I wear a large in SD jackets. I have never been considered “little” in my life.

I can’t understand buying clothes sight unseen. Maybe if I had tried one on already at the store and it happened to pop up here but even then I have seen the “same” named item look or be made different from one production year to the next. In any case I just bought a better (for my needs) and I think better overall Patigonia shell yesterday for $50 at a B&M store, so is this price really that great?

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Lady here - thinking of getting this in a size small. Anyone try doing this? Looks like it could be perfect for work, and if its a little baggy that would be fine.