Sierra Designs Revival 50 or Jubilee 50

This was here a few weeks ago for $79.99… Eeeerrgh.

But seems like a really nice backpack. I haven’t even used it yet.

Wish I’d waited.

great review on the revival 50 (s/m)

Don’t feel bad, it’s still huge savings compared to what it is listed as for retail. Here it is on Amazon (Listed by Sierra) for a lot more.

Those looking for a hydration pack should stay away from the CamelBak Antidote 100, it doesn’t fit well. Although I’m not too fond of the design, the Platypus Big Zip SL 3 Litre is a perfect fit.

Wow! Sierra Designs is the real deal. They don’t put out junk. These backpacks are not “book bags.” These backpacks are for backpackers.

I got this the last time it was offered and there were a few comments about the waist belt not being all that comfortable. I think this pack is the most comfortable pack I’ve ever worn. The belt fits where it should and the air channel that keeps most of the pack off your back is total genius. It’s important to get the right size, don’t base it on how tall you are. You need to actually measure your torso.

Sierra Designs makes quality packs, but take note, these do not have waterproof zippers. Also take note, you may be a guy who likes to wear red or light blue (I’m often in red in the mountains), but women’s hip belts on a quality pack are cut differently- so buy the gender appropriate pack for you.

are these too large to be used as a 2nd carry-on on aeroplanes? I usually have a rolling luggage as the primary carry-on, and have a backpack that I could also load as much as possible as the 2nd piece.

Also, it seem to be made of 150 denier, which seem to be on par with umbrella fabric. Is that strong enough for anything?

Wish Woot! would put a 75 or 80 pack up. 50 is just too small for extended backpacking.

I don’t know about the carry-on aspect since I haven’t flown for a couple years but I can address the thickness. The fabric is much thicker and stronger than umbrella fabric. It’s plenty strong while still being relatively light. I wouldn’t worry about the shell unless you put an open knife, saw, or hatchet inside the pack.

Same here. This is the fourth time or so that I’ve been burned on a big ticket item because I didn’t just wait for it to pop back up a month later. The Kelty air-mattress from the other day is another example. All in all its $40+ that could have gone to buying more crap.

Several reviews for this pack do mention abrasion tears, specifically along the waistbelt, so that is something to keep an eye out for, but in general the reviews of this pack are very good along with the larger 65L versions. See the comments from the previous sales of this pack for some good info.

This backpack is pretty long, and will probably not fully fit underneath an airline seat without the guy sitting in front of you stepping on it. It will fit inside the overhead bin of a 737.

The green part of the backpack does feel a bit like umbrella fabric. It’s thin, but it makes the backpack exceptionally light, even with the aluminum support and the cushy padding. I’ve mostly used it as luggage, rather than doing any serious hiking with it, but it is quite comfortable.

My main complaint, besides buying this bag for more than this current price, stems from the top of the backpack. The top of the main compartment closes with a drawstring, and it’s capped by a top piece which is attached via 4 straps, two of them with buckles for easier access to the main compartment. If I removed a sweater from the bag, I’d have to readjust all 4 straps to lower the height of the backpack, or else the top piece would start flopping around. As this is my first non-school backpack, I’m not sure if this is a common design of top loading backpacks, but it’s something that is a bit of a hassle if you plan on removing stuff from the main compartment often. At least they were thoughtful enough to put a zipper behind the front pocket for easier access to stuff in the bottom of the main compartment

I bought the gender specific packs for myself and my wife. Just to clarify, the red woman’s pack in person is much closer to a plum color, if that helps.

How do these bags capare quality wise to the KELTY bags, which seem to be a constant item on WOOT?
I am looking for something to use for overnight camping.


This is my main concern as well. I am looking for a backpack that holds lots of stuff but works as a carry-on. Thanks for asking this.

We have in the past and you should see some again real soon. Thank you for letting us know what you would like to see. It helps as we are scouring the earth looking for products for you.

Anyone have any idea whether or not the men’s s/m would be too big for a 12 year old boy? I realize I would need to measure torso length but wondering about ballpark guesstimates.

I am in the same boat.