Sierra Modern Home SMH-PWAV-LW Sierra Modern Home

I love that this is on Groupon for 34.99 right now…

I don’t love that it’s got really low ratings there.

Sweet looking outdoor speaker system! And love the discount from the normal selling price of $30 in some reviews. In for three!

Of course, truth in advertising, the cellophane wrap for weatherproofing would slightly reduce the sound quality. (Similarly, a day old lottery ticket has only a slightly reduced probability of winning!)

Have had two of these, one ended up in trash, other returned.

Looks good and nothing else is good about it. To be honest, front grill did fall off, kept loosing Bluetooth signal, other one got static noise and sound was distorted. No place to claim warranty after 30 days.

Good luck, buy it if you are gonna use it as accent art piece :grin:

The nice thing about using these as outdoor speakers is you won’t be bothering your neighbors.