Sierra Modern Home Speaker Table w/ Qi Charging

Sierra Modern Home Speaker Table w/ Qi Charging

neat idea, but this is a piece of crap. Horrible audio.

I have one. Sound is on par with a cheap bluetooth speaker (which it is). Table is pretty stable, not what I’d call sturdy but it’ll hold cocktails or a computer monitor or odds and ends. Qi charging is very finicky, finding the spot on the top of the table where your phone will charge is a real chore. Once you find it, it’s not quick charging by any means.

Also the metal panel on the front is just held on with glue and mine started to peel off. A little epoxy put it back into place.

Not a terrible piece of furniture. Not a great one.

None of the pictures show any cord… it needs to be plugged in doesn’t it?

Correct. It includes an AC adapter.

In the Box:

  • Sierra Modern Home Classic Speaker Table with Built-In Wireless Qi Charging
  • AC Adapter