Sierra Modern Home Studio Smart Table

Why is there no indication on how the table draws power!? Is it a cable that connects to the underside? The leg? The side?

The features describe it having a large rechargeable battery

A “Blueteeth” speaker?

Is this compatible with Bluetooth?

I’m guessing that this “table” does not have much of a load capacity, seeing how the legs attach to the table itself? I wouldn’t use it for a stool!

I agree with you that it isn’t specified in the listing
It is visible in the fifth picture from the top though. There is a round “DC IN” plug underneath the 2 USB ports in the middle of the speaker. Clearly it charges via DC and so a typical wall-wart/brick charger would have to be plugged in. I have no confirmation but I would expect that would be a rather short power cable (under 6 feet) which definitely isn’t the most elegant solution.

Does everything have to be a Bluetooth speaker? My favorite so far is overhead shop lights for the garage.

Is my life better when I have to charge my table so I can use my table to charge my phone? Maybe if this table had a small nuclear reactor, …

Does anyone know if it can charge more than one device at a time?

And when it stops working you have a very expensive table

And you sir win the INTERNET for the day!

Hey guys!

The table has a large rechargeable battery that is charged using the included AC adapter.

As far as charging multiple devices at once, it should be able to, but this will of course drain the battery more quickly.