Sierra Modern Home Studio Smart Table

Sierra Modern Home Studio Smart Table

Same price on the mothership for the darker color, with free shipping, once you apply a $20 off coupon.


I was in for two until I saw it doesn’t have a standard wall plug.

I would keep this plugged in almost all of the time. Is this an acceptable usage scenario for this? Or is it made to remain unplugged unless charging?
We recommend that you unplug the power cord after charging is complete. This is beneficial to the battery life.

^From Amazon.

Personally, this seems like a bad design. I want two of these for night stands, so like the person who asked the question, I just want to plug it in and leave it. It’s concerning that all power has to pass through a battery before it’s output to anything. That will fail and leave the whole thing useless sooner than a direct plug-in would, whether you leave it charging all the time, or unplug like they recommend.

Also, who’s constantly moving tables around their house? I’ve never once thought, you know what, if I could just move that table with me into whatever room I’m in, that would be ideal.


How long is the warranty coverage ?

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

Can I sit on this? If not, how do I stop people from sitting on this?

Yeah, that $600 “list price” is pretty misleading.

I’ve been thinking about buying this table for a while, but there’s no point in dealing with Woot if it’s not actually discounted.

Trying to order one but it keeps adding $6 for shipping in spite of my Amazon prime membership. Looks like it’s cleaner to order from membership as it will also give 2 day shipping unlike 10-14 days here.

It’s super wobbly and flimsy. If anyone so much as touched it they would immediately know not to sit on it.

I have one of these and I honestly don’t reccomend it. Woot is probably doing you a favor by messing up your order.

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Hey there, it looks like you’re using the “Login with Amazon” feature so it should be applying the free shipping. Sometimes refreshing the page at checkout can help or deleting your cache and cookies on your web page.

Keeping pretty much any battery-powered device fully charged all the time will reduce the battery life. That’s just the nature of batteries. The only electronics I’ve ever seen that have a “keep me at 50% charge for long-term powered use” function are the Surface and some laptops.

Also, if you’re going to leave it plugged in in one spot forever, why do you even care about diminishing the battery life in the first place?

I’m not so much concerned about battery life, rather that the battery and all the charging circuitry isn’t as robust as a direct wall plug to a power supply would be.

This is hilarious. Sorry you bought something that’s not worth it, but that comment is funny.

Well, some of us didn’t plan so well when we purchased our homes. All our money goes into the mortgage, so we have only one table and chair that we carry with us between each of our empty rooms.



I have seen some devices that become bricks when the battery stops accepting a charge…especially if the battery is soldered in and non-replaceable. Devices (like laptops) with removable batteries can usually work directly from an AC plug even with the battery dead or removed, but there is not sufficient data to know if this table can do so or not.

i have one and the sound is pretty amazing and it looks good

Why is this marked down so much. It doesn’t make sense that this be $179 here and still $599 on Amazon. Something’s fucky.