Sig Sauer Binoculars

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Sig Sauer Binoculars
Price: $219.99 - 239.99
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Do the prisms have phase coatings?

The Sig binos don’t have prism phase coating until the Zulu 7. That being said, these are pretty good optics, I would put them on par with Vortex Diamondback.

would you say they’re shtf bag worthy?

You will want to keep the lens covers on when the shtf…

Or at least some baby wipes handy.

The description says HD. Does anyone know how many megapixels?

Ok, so I know nothing about binoculars. Is this a serious question because it sounds like I’m being trolled. :\

valid point. when ad copy uses mumbo jumbo marketing gimmick keywords when HD means nothing. would like these compared to Low Definition and Medium/Standard Definition binocs please

HD isn’t defined for binoculars.
ED has a very specific meaning, extra low dispersion. Binoculars with ED glass typically sell for more than binoculars without ED glass.

According to Amazon product description, these do have ED glass. The Sig Sauer site only mentions ED glass for the 8x32.

The Sig Sauer site refers to them as HD as well.

Color me confused.