Sig Sauer Saturator Motorized Water Gun

Chandler Jarrell: Get your ‘monkey’ off my back.
Sardo Numspaa: Of course. Fu, please retire.
Chandler Jarrell: Yeah, Fu. Save it.

LAZY when we were kids we pumped!!

Here it is at Amazon

and at kapowwe (great site, BTW - my son does AirSoft)

in before kids.woot

2 Questions

IS there a new theme?

Should this belong on kids.woot?

my water gun is 3 feet long.

Not allowed on public school properties in most states. Just so ya’ll know.

This thing might be fun in combination with the previous woot.

Thats what she said?

i didnt know sigsauer made water guns im impressed

damn you.

where do you get extra magazines?

when i was a kid we had electric water guns like this. They disappeared for years after Super Soakers came along. I guess everything awesome from the 80’s is coming back. Except Michael Jackson…too soon?

Darn saw “Sig Sauer” in the wootalyzer pop-up and thought woot started selling real guns.

We need a

Any one else reminded of the Entertech water guns of the 80’s?

I just can’t think of anything good to say…

Anyone know if these are good? I am ashamed to say that I am interested.

I didn’t think that they made water guns like this anymore. This is like the ones from the 1980’s made by Entertech…yes, I am old…

Ohhhhhhh…I want it, I want it!!! Gotta come up with a reason. Help me, help me!!