Sig Sauer Zulu Binoculars

Anyone who purchased these have any feedback?
I purchased a 8x42 came without the strap and cloth and a large ocular lens scratch as well as some interior particles and smudges (interior lens surfaces)
Just got the 10x42 today which does have the strap and cloth so not sure why on earth 1st didn’t have.

The 10x42 has some flattening of the top threads on objective lenses like someone tried to remove. The 10x42 has lots of interior particles and noticeable smudges on interior of lenses. Primarily on objective though appears also on ocular.

They were both loosly covered in a sealed clear bag and both had sealed holographic tape circle… Rather wonder w/the interior issues and scratch if they are remanufactured or what on earth could be the alternative explanation. Particularly the missing strap and cloth from the 1st despite sealed bag and unbroken holo.

My last new pair of good binocs was a long time ago no longer and haven’t had them for a long time but they were flawless internally…much more expensive pair though. Currently I have a nikon travelite 8x25 which are a supposed lower quality overall and not as bright but I’m having trouble comparing the no aberrations vs the sigs with lots.
Also have old b&l 10x50.

For the sigs -

I haven’t tried to see if there is a leak or if they are sealed.

I haven’t had much time to test the 8x42 yet except in lower light and haven’t noticed the aberrations… I worry looking into bight light I may see it. Havent had any time to test the 10x42 but inside a little at night.

No issues with anyone else’s? I still haven’t gotten out to test them in daylight and not sure when I will. I would order another 8x42 to test and just send back the scratched missing strap/cloth pair but no longer available.
Other peoples experience upon receipt/use would be helpful.

Brand new sealed in factory packaging for me 10x42s

Mine were brand new sealed


Thanks for reply -
Any dust or smudges inside the lenses or scratches on them?
Mine appeared sealed in box also loose clear sealed bag (opposed to tightly shrink wrapped) and an unbroken holographic sticker.

And the 8x42 was sealed as new yet was missing strap and cloth just had the manual.
The 10x42 was complete but has more and large dust inside and maybe fungus (has an area of white round spots at outside edge of one lens) and both objective lense threads have a bunch of silver dents in the thread like they may have been attempted to be unscrewed. Still haven’t tested their seals.

If they were manufacturer refurbished /remanufactured OR authorized factory - imagine that’s how they could appear w/new boxes and stickers. Though they should be sold as remanufactured not new though as well.

They seemed fine so I’m not sure everything was there idk haha

I don’t have the cloth or manual but otherwise they are nice I guess I’ll water test and all

Would be nice to know how these were supplied to amazon/Woot

This makes me ever more suspicious that they are warrantied units that have been rebuilt or looked at &sold again. I haven’t heard of any New other Sig Sauer items coming with missing things.
That I have 2 and you have 1 of these binoculars and 2/3 are missing things.