SIGG .38L Insulated Metro Mug



Sport? Do you hit this with a bat or something?

Anyway, .38 liters is about 12.8 fluid ounces to normal people.


You shoot it with your crosman pellet gun you got a couple days ago.


Hand wash only? I’m too lazy for that.


Sigg makes a pretty fantastic thermos. Haven’t had this one specifically, but I haven’t been let down with the other 2 that I have. Coffee stays hot for hours n hours.

p.s. hey mod
“Do on put in a dishwater”



I bought a Thermos brand one for twice this…on sale just because it’s so good at keeping my tea hot. This states it keeps hot drinks hot for at least six hours, which means it’s comparable to my Thermos, just cheaper. And, I think bigger too.


I’m also tempted, but I’m concerned about the Ecocare liner. There’s more info on wikipedia here:


I have one of these and I love it. I pour my coffee in it at about 5 am and it’s still hot 5 hours later. The only thing that is a little annoying is you have to take the lid off to take a drink, but that also guarantees that if it drops with the lid on, the liquid will not spill out of it.


Check out how this mug stands up against its competitors over at


Metro, you say? Darn, I wish I was metro-sexual. So that I can buy this mug.






I’ve got one like this that is similar from Teavana for way more money (buying three of these with shipping was less than I paid Teavana) these are a few ounces less, but I love the design and they keep my coffee hot for a long long time.









Exactly. Why is a liner even necessary?


without it, metals impart flavor to the contents, noticeably so, if it contains water.


This mug is constructed very similarly to Thermos/Nissan’s Tea Tumbler (also 12 oz), of which I’m a big fan. Sized appropriately for a compact option to carry, and can definitely keep its contents warm enough long enough for me. If the Sigg works similarly, I’ll be psyched, since I could use a spare. For the record…vacuum insulated beats the pants off of foam insulated or empty-cavity arrangements.

I always wondered why machine dishwashing is frowned upon. It’s a vaccuum sealed steel container designed to keep boiling hot liquids inside…what the hell is going to happen to it when you stick it in a dishwashing machine? It’s going to be sprayed with…hot water, oh nooos. I’ve been dishwashing my nissan for years, and will likely try with the sigg too. we’ll see… in fo duex