SIGG .38L Insulated Metro Mug


I am confused by the lid. Why is it important for the bottle to fit in a car cup holder if you need two hands to unscrew it in order to drink from it? Also, why does it have two parts to the lid that screw together. Am I missing something?


When it’s in the car cup holder…you are free to leave the top lid off. The lower “lid” acts as the splash guard that many designs leave as the top lid. Having the upper lid reduces the un-insulated surface area to the band of plastic going around the edge, instead of band + top. When you leave the top lid off, then obviously its insulating capabilities are diminished, so you better drink up!

Edit: I was dead wrong…

I thought I’d edit this post, since I have found that I was dead wrong. The shipment came in, and it is indeed not a sip-through top as I had mistaken. Sorry for writing my thoughts based on an unfounded assumption that this was similar to the Thermos/Nissan Tea Tumbler. The bottom cap is indeed designed as a vacuum release valve. specifically, it is a one way valve, allowing air to go into the chamber, preventing any significant vacuum buildup inside the drink chamber that would otherwise make the twist-off action difficult. The one-way aspect minimizes airflow (good for heat retention) while making sure you don’t have to “wrestle” with a container of pretty-darn-hot fluid. The valve is not manually operated…it’s simply a flapper that covers two small holes around the center of the bottom cap. If your primary concern is heat retention…this is actually well thought out.

You might get the idea to remove the flapper, and/or drill a quick hole to turn this into a sip-through cap. It isn’t quite that simple; the top cap is not sealed. Whether it’s by design or not, the top cap lets air into the upper chamber; it is not airtight. It would leak if inverted, or left on its side. Arguably, this makes sense, considering the purpose of the valve. To “convert” this, you’d also have to seal the top cap. I actually don’t think that’s all that difficult…a simple trip to the hardware store to shop their gasket selection. I just might try that sometime.

For now, though, it’s decent enough for my purposes, since I primarily just drink my drink after I get where I’m going. It would suck in a car, though. I’m going to have to try cramming my SO’s teabags in there, and see if that amuses her.


Did anyone else spy the professionally edited and charismatically voiced video walk-around?

On that note…I think I’ve firmly established myself as a yuppy travel mug nut-job by now…my work here is done. g’night!


Aluminum will corrode over time, Stainless Steel does not. I’m pretty sure the whole SteelWorks line is liner free. In for 3, Thanks Woot


.38 liter? What the heck is that? Converting SAE to metric does not metric make.


Nothing says “sports” more than a …mug?


Now that Spring will be coming, I am looking for a new travel mug so I can go hang out with the chickens and have my coffee in the morning. It is such a joy on nice spring and summer mornings to drop the kids off at school or camp and then spend a half hour or so with the girls.

But I use a wheelchair, and the ride to the coop is bumpy, so I need a travel mug with a lid so I don’t spill hot coffee all over my hand on the way to the coop. (It really is like watching fish in a tank, all therapeutic and relaxing.)

I have 43 acres in the outskirts of a suburb, and I was all set to buy 3 of these, when I saw this: "Don’t use this: in a rural area. WHAT ABOUT “METRO” DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!:

So I guess I will have to keep looking.


nice. Simply not big enough! GAAAH! My tank needs a minimum of 20oz of coffee to get started. Guess I could double fist it.


Oh I’m picking out a thermos for you
Not an ordinary thermos for you
But the very best thermos you can buy
With vinyl, and stripes, and a cup built right in

I’m picking out a thermos for you
And maybe a barometer too
And what else can I buy
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A rear-end thermometer too


Steel is real folks. Durable, and cleans easy.

Also, on an engineering note, all metals do corrode, its just a matter of the extent (exceptions being gold and platinum but good luck getting a mug made out of those metals). Both aluminum and “stainless” steel will form oxides on the surface (albeit very thin). This layer create a protective barrier for the metal underneath so further oxidation is halted. Thus, aluminum and “stainless” steel are highly regarded as stable materials in harsh environments.

I actually do not ever “wash” my SS mug. I just rinse out the contents. Some may cringe at this, but my mug has created a passive film on the inside at this point and I taste very little metal flavor.

J. Anion


Hmmm… i don’t think a normal person needs to keep 12 ounces hotter for more than 20 min? maybe if it was larger; plus don’t want to take cap off or hand wash thinkin I’ll pass on this one


Do they make a coffee drink thru lid for this bottle? Klean Kanteen does, but the lid is not Liquid type. I will never buy a Starbucks coffee cup again, the lids break, and they don’t see spares!


Would have been a buy 3 if this was closer to 20oz vs. 12oz. As is, it’s a buy 0 for me unfortunately. Need more than 12oz for a premium coffee tumbler. How often does one need to keep 12oz hot for 5 hours? Only needs to last about 20 minutes with that volume.


I’m wondering if this is just rounded up from 375 ml, which is a common size (half a standard bottle of wine!).




I haven’t wooted in quite a while. Prices aren’t as great as the good ole day’s of 2006. Anyway I was interested, but the screw top looks to be the deal breaker. I want a mug for the car and walking. IF you drop this coffee will be everywhere. IT HAPPENS! I own the Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Mug
and it is a godsend. I acutally ran it over with my SUV. I left it on the bumper and forgot. I am driving down the road and noticed I am missing my coffee. I went back and there it was on the driveway all bent up and I thought ruined. WRONG! The coffee was still inside nice and hot. Other than the dents and odd shape now, it still works. I could afford to replace it, but why. IT works. It has character now. It actually looks very masculine now. People always ask what happen and it is a great conversation starter. I would pay the extra $3-6 dollars on amazon and get the Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Mug. Much better product and it will handle a SUV running it over. I will post pic’s one day on Amazon. Amazing that it sill works.


12 oz is a little small. If this comes in larger sizes, I would definitely buy.


Thanks everyone for making my morning!
I typically rely on comments here on Woot to help me decide if I really should buy something or if I am just in the mood to spend money…
but this time I still haven’t decided… =)
At least I got a good laugh!


Seriously? It’s a travel mug. Rinse it out with some hot water every day. How hard can that be?


.38 liters is only 12 or so ounces. way to small. if it was 16 or 20 I would be in…