Sigg 4pk Bottle Clean Tablets

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Sigg 4pk Bottle Clean Tablets
$0.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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uhhhhh… what the heck? can you use these with regular steel or aluminum bottles?

At first glance, thought they were condoms. =P

Got some of these in a bag o krapp last summer

Efferdent does the same thing for a lot less.

I use Alka Seltzer for cleaning bottles… whether or not they are Sigg bottles.

As did I.

So… will these work with other water bottles also…?

Hmm so if I eat these would they clean me up inside too?

Hey, umm, woot? Why am I being charged 70 cents tax on a $2.97 purchase? Did someone’s calculator break? Or are you charging tax on shipping, something which my state (California) doesn’t permit?

Ing, what’s wrong with the surface?!?? Why diss a product that has nothing to do with the current woot or woot in general?

My wife said she wanted a new tablet for Xmas. Maybe I’ll get her one of these.

I think they’d be worth more if they were…

We do charge tax on shipping. Here’s the explanation from our tax department:

Tax on Shipping Charges: The taxability of delivery related charges in California is dependent on conditions that vary from retailer to retailer. These rules are known to be complex and have been the subject of past controversy.

We consulted with the California State Board of Equalization in deciding that our Shipping and Handling charges are subject to tax when made in connection with a taxable sale. This is because we do not have visibility into the split between the pure shipping charge and any excess shipping charge (including amounts charged for handling).

i wish you well with that scenario good sir! lol

Took a quick glance at the Sigg site and the bottles I looked at were aluminum.

You might find these useful afterwards.

You can go to certain places and get them for free. Or call your local clinic and tell them you “Have a problem called sex” and they will practically give you condoms. Don’t expect trojan though =/

This, like getting charged sales tax on CRV tax, just makes my brain hurt. Well, welcome to the legions of unpaid tax collectors for the State of California.