SIGG Thermo Bottle .75L

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SIGG Thermo Bottle .75L
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Sigh. Another bottle.

Woah these are going fast. AND THEYRE GONE!

Is that jerk who doesn’t like me posting obnoxious pictures here?

Take that!

Not my cupacoffee.


Bottle of Crap…again


Ah, another Sigg bottle Woot!-Off killer? 2,000 bottles @ $13 each. At least these aren’t crazy graffitti green text models.

I’m picking out a Thermos, for youuuuu…

hope these don’t take as long as the green latern one

Yay! Sold out!

Well! That was rude.
Already sold out

Keeps hot things hot & cold things cold, how does it know?