Sigh of Relief



Want to buy this after it’s debut? Try


cool looking, but… I don’t feel the theme.


nice design


that is sick…i think im in


interesting design


i can’t stop spending money on woot! dang it.

i’m just goign to keep telling myself the gas mask looks like clip art and shut my eyes tightly.


I’m really digging the gas mask.


ok but not for me.

to much mix of hard and then the spots make it look kinda soft


there is no theme. this wasn’t in the derby.


hmmmm… depressing - no relief.


Beautiful design!

Wish my bank account wasnt at $6.53 :slight_smile:


it’s cool, but a bit depressing to me. Tooooo WWII I think


this shirt would be great to wear to the drag races. Lots of dude there with gas masks to protect from the nitro fumes


In for one, love the design and finally a decent color!


We call this color: Clear. NO FURTHER QUESTIONS.

Interesting. Maybe I’ll get one for my girlfriend…


I picked one up, cool design.


pretty awesome design


Pretty nice. I was thinking today that I won’t buy any until there is a good brown one, because I don’t own any brown shirts, and I like brown. But alas, it’s positioned weird + words = no sale today.


Nice design, reminds me of the Pyro from TF2. In for one :smiley: